Free desktop dyno 2000 download..... get it free:)

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  1. anyone have flow files for stock PI Heads?
  2. call me a square but this is like stealing... right? :shrug: If I download it will The Man log my IP address and come after me? Anything Chevy related makes me very suspicious... :D
  3. no youll be fine :nice:
  4. Well, that program is worth exactly what it cost. I loaded it with real head flow data and cam events from a Harley motor I did for a friend of mine last year. I have real carb flow numbers and rear whell dyno numbers. I designed the engine on Performance Trends' Engine Analyzer Pro - it predicted 135 HP at the crank. A DynoJet dyno measured 121 HP corrected at the wheel. That's an 11% loss through the drive train - very normal. The Desktop Dyno program shows less than 100 HP.

    The induction flow element seems to be the weak link. Who has flow numbers at 1.5 In Hg? No matter what I put in this entry, the result never went over 100 HP.

    If you want to get serious about engine modeling, go to:
  5. thanks for the link, i will have to check that out :nice:
  6. Desktop dyno

    an't seem to find the free download of desktop dyno. Wrote to the admin. hasn't wrote back. Can anyone tell me how to get the download.:notnice:
  7. Wow, pulled this one out of the old vault didn't we.

  8. Probably because that was 2 and a half YEARS ago..