Free Foxbody 5-lug conversion

Discussion in 'Wheels Tires Brakes' started by 281pony, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. heres the deal. i have a 5-lug setup on my fox now. i've got cobra brakes coming. im looking for someone to come give me a hand installing the cobra stuff. (need hand bleeding brakes, never messed with alignment, ect)

    swapping spindle/hub/rotor/caliper. then eyeball up an alignment so i can take it in. pretty cut and dry.

    in exchange for the help, you can have what i take off. spindle/hubs/caliper/rotors/lines. im in the lacey area. i have most if not all of the tools in my garage.
  2. are they stock spindles or SN95?
  3. damn, wish I was closer. I have one of those home alignment kits from longacre also...
  4. got a text from someone before i read any of this. we are doing my brakes and then some on sunday. hope it all goes smoothly.
  5. Help = 5 lug set up

    I also live in lacey (and have an 88 GT) and would be willing to help you with your project in exchange for the 5 lug conversion set up
  6. thanks for the offer. i ended up doing it myself and we eye-balled an alignment on it.
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