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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by Steel Steeds, May 2, 2008.

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  1. I cleaned out my garage a while back, and gave away one batch of II parts, but I still have a few things hanging around. Free to a good home, I'll ship them if you pay for it:

    4 speed shifter with knob (woodgrain style)
    driver's side gauge bezel w. brushed aluminum applique
    (bottom right corner is badly broken, applique is in good shape)
    vapor/charcoal cannister with hoses
    (the one inside the passenger side fender that hooks to the carb and the gas tank)
    black seats - '78 Luxury Group
    (the upholstery is beyond bad, rails NOT included)

    I'll probably have more stuff as I wrap up the rebuild on my King. All parts in NE Portland, OR.
  2. do u have any fenders that are in good shape
  3. i'm looking for a left and right front fender do you have an idea where i can get any for my 76 mustang 2
  4. Sorry, no spare fenders. I suggest eBay, Craigslist, and any local "Nickle Ad" type of free newspapers. Also, occasionally a II shows up in the wrecking yards. Good luck.
  5. Might get lucky E-baying the stuff. I know, I know, who the heck wants to deal with E-Gay anymore....:rolleyes:
    I'd shoot across the river and get it but you have no idea how much II stuff I already have. Although.....the price is right....

    76_Mustang2 - Where are you located?
  6. Actually Dano, I *do* have an idea! I bought some arm rests off eBay a couple weeks ago, and when I picked them up in Vancouver, I asked the guy if he had any more II parts. He started telling me about this guy who did, and went into detail about the quantity. The more he talked, I began to realize that it was you he was referring to. The gentleman was Red, owner of a great many old Cougars. He told me to get in touch with you, and I told him that we chatted here on occasion but had yet to actually meet in person.

    I'm still wrenching on my King, and I'm not going to meet my goal of having it running next week. I'm still at least a month out, unfortunately. Probably more, the way my time has been lately. I'd hoped to be able to hit that show on June 7th. Are you still planning to go?
  7. Yeah I'll be there, just not with the fastback. I need to sell a bad way..:D My shop is so overrun with crap, and it'd be nice to have the extra cash too. I'm planning on draggin a '53 Ford and misc other parts to sell at the swap meet. I'm thrashing to get my Supercab up and running again. Had to rebuild the 460 ... and man... did that hurt. (still hurting..not done yet!) I'm tryin to get done what I can get done. It's tough when you're playin Mr. Mom too. I took this month and next month off to take care of our new baby girl. Soooo I don't get muh done in the shop at all. But the baby monitor helps me chip away at it an hour here and there. :D

    Ha! Yeah I know Red. Crazy old fart isn't he? I've know him for a looonngg time. Back when him and Dad were heavy into Cougars. Red doesn't do the volume he use to but he had a few of the rare Cougars that alot of us only talk about. He's actually got a ton of unique and specialty parts. Red has been picking up IIs for me at the auctions since I'm not able go. Don't really see any IIs in these auctions much anymore anyways.
  8. Man, I hear that. Our daughter is 8 months old now, and my shop time is a tenth what it used to be. I sometimes get an hour or two late at night, but I always have to save the loud stuff for that one Saturday a month I get a few hours to myself.

    I'll be looking for you at that show. Hey, you don't have any of the window molding for a T-Top II, do you? Specifically I need the pieces that run along the top of the quarter windows and the A-pillar trim pieces. They are unique with the T-Top since the normal fastback has a single solid trim piece that runs from the leading edge of the door window all the way to the back of the quarter window. Mine are shot.
  9. No, I sure don't. You know... funny thing is I've never parted out a T-Top II in all the years I've been doing this and the number of cars I've been through. Other than yours, a CBII 4banger in the junkyard, and the '78 CBII i use to have, were the only T-Top cars I've ever seen in this neck of the woods. And now my old T-Top is sittin somewhere in NY and probably on it's way to becoming a mineral deposit. :(
    Makes me wish I never got rid of it. :doh:
  10. do you still have the driver's side gauge bezel w. brushed aluminum applique? im interested in it
  11. Actually, I do. Where are you located?
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