Free .pdf Service Manual?

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  1. where can I find a free service manual for a 96 mustang gt. any help would be awesome thanks.
  2. A Chilton's or the manual that came with the car.
  3. chiltons
  4. They don't put those online because they want you to pay for it. I've never seen it free myself.
  5. you can pay for the single car license of ALLDATA through autozone.
  6. I actually just downloaded a complete one a week or two ago, all 4378 pages of it. Found a link for it in an online forum. It was for an 03 year model, so it included the base model, GT, Mach 1, and Cobra. Give me a day to go through my history and I'll try to find it for you.
  7. I should clarify. I found a complete Ford service manual. The REAL deal, not just a Chilton's manual.
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  8. Well dammit man, I want it too.
  9. how about upload your copy to dropbox and post a link
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  10. Hey Sneaky, how about that manual?
  11. Those are the ones you want. Really helpful to have.

    I have one in .pdf form for my G35. Several thousand pages, but more info than i'll prob ever need. Really makes DIY work easier. Prob the main reason why these manuals don't get released to the public.
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  12. Ever find the link?
  13. +1
  14. I could use a 1994 Mustang factory service manual too, just PM me the link!