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  1. I have just completed some plans for a rotisserie I built to work on my 1966 coupe. The plans are CAD with plenty of pics and in a pdf format. If you would like to host the file on your site please e-mail me. I would ask for everyone who would like a set to e-mail me and I would send you a copy, but I'm almost afraid of the number of e-mails I would be answering. :nice: I'd like to repay all of the very good responses I have gotten from this group for each question I have posted. The plans are simple to build, with no hard to find, or custom parts needed. Thanks for the support, and if you do get a set of the plans, please let me know what you think of them. :flag:
  2. I'll host the stuff for you. Send the files to "[email protected]" and I'll email you back with the url when I get them up.
  3. It's not working. Ooops, Okay it works now.

  4. Let me get this straight. You've got plans to give me a free rotisserie?

  5. Always got to be one in the group.
  6. Rotisorie plans

    I am restoring a 66 Fastback. I am to the place I need a rotisiore to work on the bottom of the car. I would appreciate a set of your plans for the rotisiore. My email [email protected].

  7. Please see post #3 for the permalink to the plans. Did you bother to read the thread?
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    It is nice to see the search feature being used...but you should read the thread.