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  1. I am (hopefully) going to finish my head/intake swap either tonight or tomorrow. The car is a 1995 GT convertible 5 speed that was bone stock right down to the wheels and even ignition wires when I bought it. Over the past several weeks, I have put heads from a 1993 Cobra on it along with an Explorer intake. "While I was in there," I also installed JBA unequal shorties and 2.5" MAC Prochamber. The car is equipped with a TWEECER (no data logging) to accomodate future mods. Will the stock tune be a good tune for this setup or would I be better to run something different? I am hoping for a free tune to download from somewhere or for someone to share a file with me that is working great on their identical (or nearly so) build. I really don't think this very mild build will require fuel system upgrades so I'm still all stock with fuel/air delivery.

  2. You want a j4j1 tune and set your injector settings to 19lb
  3. I haven't been into the TWEECER software for almost a year. How do I set the injectors to 19lb? I thought that was determined physically by the injector.
  4. I cant help you with tweecer ive never used one. Yes there are different sized injectors, however your tune needs to account for them. The j4j1 file is from the 94/95 cobra which essentially has the same parts your running (GT40 stuff) . However from the factory the 94/95 cobras came with 24lb injectors instead of the factory 19lb injectors found on the gt's (T4MO bin.)
  5. So then do I just print out the GT file and then open the Cobra file and manually input the duty cycles and such from the GT printout?
  6. You should be able to just load the j4j1 and change the injector values.

    -Injector slope High
    -Injector Slope Low
    -Injector bkpt
    -Injector min pulse

    The values for the stock injectors from T4MO are:
    High slope:19.64
    Low Slope: 28.80
    Min Pulse:0.0014
    Breakpt: 1.00136

    Hope these help...
  7. Awesome. Thanks!
  8. Sure thing. Let me know if you have any other questions