Fresh Engine, Nasty Noise.

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  1. ok so i rebuilt a 302 .030 over new pistons moly rings and kings bearings. i reused the factory lifters, ported gt40s and e303 cam with 1.72rr. i adjusted the lifters with shims before starting the engine. it has 65 lbs of oil pressure but smokes pretty bad after i hooked up the exhaust, non when it had open headers... then about 10mins in it developed a nasty tick, loud enough i shut it right down....... any ideas? i did check ptv during install new pistons have huge reliefs.
  2. Is this a new camshaft? They'll make some noise while you're breaking them in.
  3. no reused cam from previous build. roller motor.
  4. Still needs to be broken in. I'm gonna bet the lifters didn't go in the exact bore, in the exact configuration they did previous? You sure your tick isn't an exhaust leak?
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  5. exhaust leak at the headers
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  6. i damn surw hope so. that would be better than pullin it apart
    . ill find out tonight.
  7. Also did you keep the lifters soaking in oil while rebuilding the engine? Recheck the rockers after warming up? My guess is also with an exhaust leak. They tend to happen after a few heat cycles.
  8. no good no start. smells like fuel coming out of intake.
  9. ok so the driver side header had loosened up. oops.
    but now she wont fire, checked the tps, gets fuel has spark, but no start not even a fart. the only thing i see thats odd is my tach does not work? i checked the wiring seems fine. im out of ideas
  10. Sounds like a timing issue.
  11. Re-check your timing as stated above.

    Set engine to #1 TDC and stab the distributor at 10-degree's advanced. That'll get you pretty close to where you have to be.

    Did you notice anything usual with the way the car was running before, aside from the exhaust leak? Headers getting really hot?
  12. headers did get real hot. the plugs were saturated so i did a leak down test on the injectors they passed. new plugs timing was set to 12* when i had her running. but i will recheck and stab her again for :poo:s.
  13. Really hot headers indicate timing too far retarded. With timing that far retarded, it's understandable why you would have trouble getting it to and keeping it running.
  14. Im gonna play the devils advocate here. If you read some directions like comps i think it was they tell you NOT to do this with a roller lifter being that it may prematurely bleed up with pressure and hold the valve slightly open on initial start up or something to that affect.
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  15. well the verdict is in im up a creek. the moly ring never seated, geuss they decided to quit. ive got 30psi on the compression check. along with the fuel smell in the oil, im sure the cylinders washed down. guess i shoulda listened to my dad and just used the iron ones.
    im gonna tear her back out and rering it unless there is a way to bring em back but i doubt it. i was told to hit the block with a hone and slap em in. gues s that dont work with molys :bang:
  16. at least it looks good IMAG0243_BURST002.jpg IMAG0243_BURST002.jpg