Fresh Nitrous Tune

White Wolf

Dec 10, 2018
Las Vegas NV
Ok guys thought I would share some info with my Modifications on the 2013 V6 Mustang (White Wolf)

Long story short I had a canned tune from American Muscle that was a nightmare. After a few months of trying to work the issue with the tuners there I gave up. Then I went to someone here local in Vegas many people recommended. He did a half ass job and now is out of business.

Last - I went to INSANE POWER - Owner Brett and his crew. Tuner is Zippy. They had to completely remove my other tune info which took more work than one would think. Tuner had it LOCKED.

A couple days ago my new 125 Shot NITROUS TUNE is complete and the car runs like I have never experienced before. Its just night and day. Its on a state of the art Progressive System and I have 3 different progressive tunes loaded. First leaves the line at 30% and upward. Second leaves at 50% juice and upward. 3rd Leaves at 75% juice giving me the option of choosing what tune depending on the track conditions.

I have yet to take it to the track because of the heat here in Vegas so Ill wait til the fall. I am praying based on the numbers it goes somewhere in the 11's and Ill be happy.

Its been a journey but the car is 90% where I want it and its now all worth it. Below are my Power Mods and other info for people that may be just entering the MOD stage for they newer V6 Stang. Anything I can answer I'm happy to help.

2013 - 3.7 Mustang

410 HP w/Nitrous (Wheels)

377 Torque

6R80 Transmission

8.8 Rear End

6 Speed Auto

*Nitrous Oxide - 125 Shot “ProMax Digital Controller”

Race Tune

*JLT Cold Air Intake

*BBK Long Tube Headers

*Catted X PIPE - Dual Exhaust

*Ford Traction Lock (Possi) Rear End

*4:56 Ford Gears

*73mm BBK Throttle Body

*Brisk “Diamond Tip” Spark Plugs

*Carbon Fiber One Piece Driveshaft - (18 lbs)

*Circle D 4000 “Stall” Torque Converter

*Trans Brake - 4000 RPM Launch

*Rear Tires Nitto 315-35R-20 (Drag Radials)

*95 Octane Fuel - Boostane Additive

*110 Octane Dedicated Fuel System - on Active Nitrous


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David Young

Active Member
Sep 16, 2012
Clinton, Tennessee
Nice!!! I've noticed a few local performance shops (dyno tunes etc.) where I live seem to come and go after a year or two :(. I don't know what I'll do if I ever get a ProCharger (someday). I have a Cousin that lives around 50 miles from MPT. I guess I could install the ProCharger at my Cousins house and have my Mustang flatbed to MPT for the Dyno Tune. I don't know..........................

White Wolf

Dec 10, 2018
Las Vegas NV
Just make sure that when they dyno tune you they dont LOCK THE TUNE. Lol Thats what happened to me and it was hell getting a program written to unlock it.

Also ask them how long they may have it. Could be a couple days. They can't just keep doing pulls on it so they will do a pull let it cool and repeat. In the summer when its hot like here in Vegas they may have your car 2-3 days to get it right which shows what a conscientious shop they are. Im sure you will do your research.