Friend is annoying. Read on.

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  1. My friend is so annoyingly anal about Fords!!! He's in the process of building his stroker and he wanted to go 331, but they only had the .040 pistons for the 347 kit. He went ahead and just got the 347 kit but he's pissed off because that means he'll have a 350. He doesnt want a 350 because its a Chevy engine size. I thought it was funny because he can tell people his 65 Falcon has a 350 in it. But he doesnt think so. I know this isnt exactly tech but it is humorous and I've never thought before that a 40 over stroker would be a 350. Now he's going to have 8 more cubes than me for the bragging rights. He's going to go with AFR heads too. Thats another thing; this engine will never see past 3k. He is the granniest driver in the world and its so annoying. He gets rice pulled on him all the time in his 5.0 but he wont race them. Its embarrassing. Tell me what you all think. Would you build an AFR headed 350 to just go cruising?
  2. so he's gonna have a 347? 347 isn't 350...that's saying the 302 is bad because it's a chevy 305... Tell him he's close to a Ford 351 as well!
  3. I'm a Chevy driver, and even I can tell you how crappy Chevy 305's are. Your friend is absolutely retarded if he is spending the money for AFR heads to cruise in. He's building a 347 stroker motor so he can say he has a stroker. He's building for the wrong reason. I think that's just silly.
  4. It will be with .040 pistons, I think I could live with that though :)
  5. Your friend is over doing it. Building a stroker is a great idea for a under 3000rpm motor, cause thats where all the torque needs to be and a stroker gives it. Putting AFR heads on is a bad idea though, although Im sure he just thinks hes upping the low end torque. Will he race it at the tract and just not on the street? Cause thats not such a bad thing :)
  6. Am I crazy here? What is wrong with AFR heads on a 302 stroker?
  7. Thats the whole thing. He isnt going to race it either way, and though I know a stroker makes good low end it doesnt really matter unless your going racing or towing. And he knows that AFR's are a high rpm horsepower maker. There isnt anything wrong with AFR's on a stroker but is it needed for someone who never races and drives like a puss? Its more annoying than anything. The guy owns a 70 Mach 1, a 65 Falcon, and a 94 5.0, but he makes fun and calls me a crazy driver because I floored it once on a straight away. The guy is a total nerd. He should leave the AFR heads to someone who needs them.
  8. BC if he just cruses around town then its a total waste of $1500!! :doh:

    What a dork. I just dont know what to say...
  9. This is as bad as the guy in the porche turbo who never ever drives it like it was meant to be driven:nonono: Hey look on the bright side maybe he'll get tired of it in a year or so then you could probably pick up his car cheap
    and you allready know it hasnt been driven hard:nice:
  10. I don't see how you can be so upset at somebody just because they are not big into drag racing or an iratic driver. Maybe he just likes mustangs and working on them and making them fast. You guys need to chill out.
  11. I kinda understand where he's coming from on not wanting it to come out to 350 CI. Just think about every time he talks to somebody at a show or a garage or wherever and they ask what he has under his hood. When he says a 350, everyone will either assume A. he swapped in a Chevy motor or B. he has a 351 and is too dumb to know the difference. Nobosy will stop and think, "hmm, maybe he has a 347 stroker kit but bored it to .040 instead of .030". As far as overbuilding the engine, well that's his problem if he wants to spend money on things he doesn't really need, not yours. Maybe he wants to be able to say he has a badass engine, or maybe he just wants the best parts available, cost be damned. If he's got the money to throw around on 3 nice Fords, maybe you can convince him to send some of it my way, eh? :D
  12. Tell him I'll swap my bone stock fuel injected '92 5.0L engine for his stroker if he just wants to putt around! Anyway, he's in the same boat either way. Chevy built 302s too, so I guess he couldn't keep it the stock bore and stroke. 306 sounds like it would be too close to a 305 for him, too. Sorry, but it wouldn't make a s#!+ of a difference to me. He's a dork.
  14. Hey...even I'm willing to admit that! :nice:
  15. I almost bought a Camaro before I bought my Mustang and in the process I test drove a 305 TPI with and auto transmission. Ughhh not fun at all. However, we get beat up by the LT4s and LS1s so everyone has their time to shine.
  16. I dunno what is so wrong with it... His fruggin money if he wants to cruise in it more power to him. Look at my dad all he does is babies his cars now. I know damn well though he got his ****s and giggles on with them though at one time. Not mention we know your friends "crusier" will rip most if not all streert cars to pieces, so whatever. When I first bought my car my dad told me theres no reason to burn the tires, whip donuts, and speed, because everyone already knows it can, maybe this is your friends reasoning too. Took me a while but he is right, he still layed rubber in my car more then once though. Damn hpyocrite :D
  17. Some people like to keep there nice and fast stuff nice and fast. Me on the otherhand drive the absolute snot out of my car. Smack your friend in the head and take his car out on the pavement and do donuts until he wakes up to the smell of burnt rubber and then give him two advil and call me in the morning............hahahaha
  18. I dont see how this is bad against him. You are basically saying people are stupid for not realizing its a 302 or knowing stroker engine sizes. Seriously. My dad has a 400rwhp mustang. When he pulls up do people think its fast? Noooo why would an old guy want a real fast mustang? Some people just like cars and working on em, and hes helping out the economy!
  19. would it be so tough to just say its a 347?
    Don't get bent out of shape about him spending his money. It is his after all. I know plenty of people who have some serious cars and bikes and drive and ride them like little old ladies.

  20. I hate how left out LT1's are. They ain't no LS1 but they are quick. They get overlooked too much.