From 16.2 to 13.2 in my AODE

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  1. I figured I would post my story from start to where I am now.

    Stone stock with K & N Filter: 16.2 seconds

    Basic bolt on's with 3.73 gears X pipe, SVO side exhaust: 14.8 seconds

    Afr Heads, FTI cam, Autologic Chip, Pro-m 80 MM, 30 # injectors, Edelbrock Performer intake, 70mm tb. Stock transmission with trans go shift kit: 13.8 @ 104.11 with a 2.2 60' time

    Art Carr Aode with 2,800 stall, JMS Prepped Chip, Blower Cam, Morpheus Power Pipe 13.2 @ 105 with a 1.994 60' time.

    It's been a long road, but I think I'm only just beginning. It's my wife's car and she says it isn't fast enough yet. She is planning on buying an S Trim for it this winter.
  2. We're never satisfied are we??? You do realize that WHEN you run a 12 second pass, you and I will still be the only ones doing it with vert's on all the boards... that's something to think about and strive for so get back out there and run it again!!!

    Charlie, you realize that you've knock more tome off than me right? I went from 15.2 at 90 to 12.59 at 108.81, that's a reduction on 2.6 seconds and a gain of 18.81mph which I thought was impressive as hell for a simple H/C/I setup. But you've knocked off 3 seconds!!! What was your MPH when you ran 16.2? Was it around 88mph? If so that's a gain of ~17mph which for an AODE isn't too shabby at all.

    You've got to love AFR and FTI setups!!!
  3. Only verts in the 12's huh. Pretty cool. :nice: I'm looking at suspension mods not 1/4 times. Where did you get your rollbars? Looking for one that looks good but meets NHRA rules.
  4. hopin to dip into the 13's with mine once i but the t-5 in. 12's are a long way away but still a goal :)
  5. I got mine from Summitt, its the hooker chrome car bar. Mine is NOT NHRA legal, but I refuse to put a 6 point bar in my street car... it will never happen. I think that's a bogus rule, if it were a full on drag car then yes, but for a guy like me that only races on T&T nights, a 6 point is a crazy thing to ask me to do. I do have a DS safety loop, approved helmet, etc, but no 6 point roll bar. The autopower 4 point can be made to be NHRA legal by adding the side bars, don 95 vert did it to his.

    And yes, to the best of everyone's knowledge here and on the other 94-95 boards, there are no other 12 second NA verts, at least none without stroker motors. We both run the stock bottom end.

    As for suspension mods, I'm unsure what charlie has, I think its all stock. I have global west subframe connectors and LCA's, and I think I'm ordering a set of UPR chrome-moly double adjustable uppers with the alum spherical bushing on the rear end side this week.
  6. Killercanary-

    I wish you guys would quit running so damn fast because it makes me want to get there with you even more (13's would be a start bf 12's). I talked to Ed Curtis this week, so we'll see.

    BTW, how many passes after the h/c/i did it take you to get into the 12's? I know that you have 4.10's, you think it can be done with 3.73's I have some in the mail?
  7. Wow. That a really big achievement to run 12's in a NA vert..
    This AFR/FTI combo sounds nice. :nice:

  8. I was just looking for some of the old timeslips and can't find any. I wanna say the mph that first night was around 86. The one thing I didn't bring up was that first night the 16.2 was the fastest time I had. After that it went 16.4 to 16.5 consistent. :bang: I remember those days all too well.

    I will get back to the track as soon as I get rid of this shaking and excitement from wed night. It doesn't go away that quickly. It's a good feeling. :nice:
  9. Did you switch to a blower cam from the FTI? If so why do you have the FTI in your sig. And what would you recommend for someone starting from scratch like me???
  10. I believe he has a custom ground blower cam from Ed.

  11. Well according to the almighty G-tech im in the 12s too.

    Give me a year and a half, if i dont have any major problems i hope to be there by 05 race season.
  12. Count me in for the n/a verts getting into the 12's. Im doing H/C/I in jan/feb and then gears. I already have nittos so Im hoping to join you guys. Plus Im gonna try to get there with trick flow parts.

    And congrats to getting into the 12's
  13. just makes me want the afr/fti combo even more.
  14. Nice Job..

    k&N Filter is not "STONE" Stock! :rlaugh: :lol:
    Im guessing your REAL Bone stock time would have been 16.28!

    Howcome most of our wives get mad when we spend $0.25 to inflate the tires at the gas station, and YOUR wife is dying to put in a VORTECH! :shrug: :nice:

  15. BECAUSE IT'S HER CAR!!!!!!!! :D