From Chevy Girl to Ford Girl ;)

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  1. Whats up guys! I am new to this lol I was a Chevy/Pontiac girl to a Ford girl.
    To be honest I am still learning the ford motors so I may need alot of help.

    I have no idea what to say lol I will post pics when I can figure out how on my phone.
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  3. Welcome aboard. Saddle Up.
  4. Well hello. ;) Moving to Pa anytime soon? I have room for a car chick.
  5. Lol thanks guys hahaha and noo im not moving to PA. Its too damn cold there.. :poo: i can barely stand TX and its 60 degree weather . I turn into am icecube
  6. Welcome and I am glad to see anyone who comes to their senses and buys a Ford. ;) For now there's no need for bigger injectors and Exhaust if all about the sound you want. There are some sites that sell exhaust that have clips of how a similar car willsound with different exhaust systems. Also search youtube for mustang exhaust to get an idea of what you may like before buying your axle back exhaust. Welcome and good luck with your new Stang.
  7. Welcome, I am new as well. I reside on San Antonio Bay. Great to see you enjoy Hot Rods!
  8. Whats wrong with PA? Best guys are here....

    welcome aboard!
  9. Hello! I'm new here as we'll, I also just switched sides from the Fbodies. Just can't get the sound like one of these 302s... Lol.
  10. :lol:

    I mean er.... That's just wrong. :nono:


    Hope you have thick skin. :D Welcome to Stangnet. :)
  11. that's great :nice: i would like to see more of the ladies here,put some these guys in line a little. :chair::welcome:
  12. Welcome!!

    And hey guys.. I'm a girl too! :p

  13. Proofs! o_O

  15. Heeeeyyyyy.... I know you! Where have I seen you before.... :scratch:

    Wait! I've got it!!!!
  16. No, you must have me confused with someone else.. I'm a bit smarter than that!
    Although I am rather accident prone.. the ER is a little more likely, but not much! Lol
  17. Hehe... You must have hit your head and forgotten. :D
  18. Not likely.. women actually ask for directions! ;)
  19. Well of course they do... How else would they know where to go? :shrug:
  20. About the only direction I need right now is a decent place to get used parts for my fox.. there isn't anything near where I live and these all day weekend road trips are kicking my butt, not to mention my wallet after paying for gas! Haha