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  1. Found this on

    GM ends the rumour: Firebird, Camaro no more.

    There will be no revival of the Pontiac Firebird and Chevy Camaro no matter how much the fans wish it, according to a higher authority at General Motors.

    How high an authority? Try Bob Lutz, vice chairman of General Motors. What Lutz says can be taken to the bank, and he's just put a kibosh of persistent rumours among enthusiasts that the sporty GM twins might be coming back.

    Lutz has revealed that in order to get the CAW to agree to the closure of the Camaro plant in Ste. Therese, Que., the company was forced to promise the union it would not build the car anywhere else.

    The company intends to honour that pledge, because "a deal's a deal," Lutz said recently. That means no more dead chickens on hoods for a decade or so.

    After that? Well, even deal makers do eventually retire.

    Comment: Doesnt' mean there won't be a RWD v8 from GM, but it won't be an Fbody and it won't be a Camaro. I expect the GTO to continue and perhaps a Chevelle or completely new car to emerge. Sucks for Fbody fans though.
  2. Kinda sux, oh well guess they're just gonna go on with their lineup of boring cars.
  3. The GTO pruduction is coming to america at some poitn right? If it does I would be suprised if there weren't a Chevrolet derivetive of the GTO. With cheaper interior and generaly slightly lower quality.
  4. I really don't care what they call them as long as Detroit brings out more affordable 2 door RWD V8 options. I'm guessing Lutz still plans to do this. And frankly, the Mustang is the only pony car that ever appealed to me--never really liked the GM or Chrysler versions that much (Camaro, Challenger, etc.). GM and Chrysler do better with muscle cars (GTO, Charger, etc.). A Chevelle--ie a lower buck GTO--would be very cool.
  5. Lower buck??? I doubt it, GM IMO has become the greediest of them all and nothing that comes out of GM is lower buck. I think the Mustang will always out price anything in it's competition (and I am a GM loyal) Ford is king where the pony car is concerned and likely always will be.
  6. Maybe cheaper than the current GTO but never cheaper than the Mustang (off topic question...why are words underlined with links attached?)
  7. Honestly I do wish that GM would put out a camero or fire chicken to contend with the Mustang. Right now the Mustang is pretty much the only car in its class and the Cobra isn't suppose to contend with the vetts although it tries because thats the next closest thing. Competition brings out the best in everything no matter what and right now we have nothing new to test against. People are still running their old GM F-bodies which by the way wern't even made in America(American muscle my @ss). We need new players in the game is all im saying.
  8. Canadian muscle eeez much beeter anyway eh? lol Bien sure....
  9. How about bringing back the Chevrolet Nova? That might not ba a bad nameplate to resurect.
  10. Most likely the next GTO and the new Chevelle will be made on the CTS's platform (Epsilon??).
  11. Epislon is the Saturn L series, Saab 9-5, cars that size. FWD
  12. How about Sigma? Is that the CTS's platform?
  13. Chevelle SS is on the way. Chevy Hi Performance had an article I believe. Its the same sort of interior as the GTO, but a better exterior. It has the same power and 6 speed, and will trap 104-105mph stock. Problem is it is still heavy (3700-3800lbs) like the gto.
  14. nope, it certainly wouldnt be a bad nameplate to bring back, i think that would be pretty cool myself :nice:
  15. Just as long as Ford brings the Fairlane back.

    2 door coupe
    Stretched D2C (Mustang) platform with 112" wheel base.
    196" long
    50-50 F/R weight balance
    Short front overhang
    rear overhang longer than Mustang
    350 HP normally aspirated
    Actually can fit 4 adults into it
    15 cu ft trunk
    More bells & whistles heated seats, Nav system etc.
    Some slick styling that evokes memories of the 66 - 67 Fairlane

    I'd get one of those instead of a 05 Mustang. :nice:
  16. That was a photochop. It said in the mag this is what Chevy "should build". I would rather see a Buick GN of that platform with a blown V6.
  17. Welp when this news gets out and becomes more common knowledge GM will have just cemented the Mustang as being an extremely well selling car as every Chevy guy and his momma jumps ship. I can't believe they are going forward with the GTO/Chevelle. I'd be very surprised if to many people buy those things after they become more common.
    Thank you Ford for keeping the Stang alive. It's about to pay off big time.

  18. your a 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'....try owning a stang before...sharing your crap

  19. isnt there a huffy forum for you? untill you upgrade?
  20. So then what will they be calling the 2+2 RWD V8 Chevy coupe coming out in late 2006? :D The story I heard is that the Camaro can't be built for 4 years out side of the St. T quebec plant (or at least a car named Camaro).

    Zeta is the RWD platform that the 2007 GTO will be on. That platform is modular, so it can be lengthened and shortened, I'd expect the Camaro to be a little smaller and lighter than the next GTO. Think of the GTO as a more grown up, luxury Camaro (with a real usable back seat for adults)
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