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  1. I didn't say that GM would have to use a turbo 6, i'm just saying... in a lot of ways there is more of a market for that now than there is for V8s cars. And if they made it with a high tech engine and image, they could possibly woo hundreds of thousands of those ricers out there. Just a possibility, which GM wouldn't have if it ties itself down with a Camaro, which will only be acceptable with a V8 and rwd, and might not sell no matter what.
  2. Well, $19,995 is under $20k :rolleyes:

  3. Well I doubt a well supported argument could be made that Turbo sixes will be replacing V8's as the norm for high volume performance cars at GM, since both can make similar power but the Turbo 6 would most likely cost a lot more to produce. How does number of cylinders have anything to do with how High Tech an engine is? Case in point look at Ford's new Variable Valve timming on the 3v 4.6L V8, a system which Hot Rod magazine called even more High Tech and efficient than Honda's VTEC system. And the GenIII and IV V8's are no slouches either in the technology department just because they dont use a OHC valvetrain and 3Valve derivatives of the GenIV engine are on the horizon and Cylinder Deactivation is here, not to mention GM's other V8 family the Northstar which is just now making it to RWD models and is a great performer. Yes, uneducated people do consider 4's and 6's more high tech but base this on things such as VTEC and Power per liter numbers which there is no reason in the world that V8's cant easily reach and surpass similar power figures or employ similar technology they just havent needed to do so to make good power. I don't see a turbo 6 being more successful than a V8 except maybe as a small niche vehicle. Most ricers dont even drive Turboed cars there are a few, but Civics and other compacts which make up the majority of the Ricer market are not sold with even a Turbo option, or 6 cylinders for that matter. Cars such as Supras, and 300ZX's never made up the majority of the "Rice" crowd because none of these cars were cheap affordable cars they were great performers but both carried hefty price tags for that performance and I dont think either car approached such sales numbers or were ever meant to. So there really isnt hundreds of thousands of people linning up at any other brand's dealerships to buy turboed 6 cylinder powered cars to convince into buying a Chevy turboed 6 cylinder car and I doubt there ever would be. I doubt if Chevy or anyone else did build such a vehicle it would ever sell more than 25,000 or so a year if that many because something like that would be only seen as a pricey niche vehicle. Case in point Supra Turbo, 300ZX, Audi TT, Porche 911 Turbo. All I'm trying to say is there is no trend that would superceed a V8 performance Chevy model, what ever you would want to call it, for a Turboed 6 cylinder unless it was purely a low volume niche vehicle with a hefty price tag. I really can't see in a realistice business argument how it could ever come close to finding even a 100,000 people in a year as customers let alone the hundreds of thousands you think would buy such a vehicle. I am sure such a vehicle would be a good performer and rival V8 competitors such as the new Mustang but it would never be a better way of going about competeing with the Mustang from a sales/marketing stand point. So I doubt there is even a minuscual chance of a Chevrolet Chevelle/Camaro/Monte Carlo whatever going with a V6TT with such v8's as the LS1/6/2 or Northstar engines at its disposal and a 3 valve Gen IV derivative on the near horizon most likely. :nice:
  4. Everything I'm seeing on the Silverado concept is 480hp[email protected][email protected]$Silverado%20SS%20Conceptg.html
    Either way. It is not particularly deserving of an SS badge.
  5. Either way. I've seen the Chevelle SS and the GTO. They look like 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'. Along with the C6, their all way to furturistic looking. If they had some brains they would do what Ford is doing and bring back the old body style! That's where the sales are at. People loved those old muscle car body styles and Ford is the only company that seens it bring back the old Mustand, the T-Bird, and soon the old Cobra body. My hats off to Ford, we invented the car don't compete against us.
  6. Retro is a novelty, after a year or 2 sales drop like a rock.
  7. So you mean that chevy had 3 chances to get it right and blew all of them. Retro may be a novelty. But even chevy has gotten into the act.
  8. And they say Bob Lutz is a car guy. :notnice: He's a sack of crap and a corporate assclown. I hope be burns in hell for this. :notnice:

    Put some REAL car guys in charge of these corporations. Sure, they would probably all bankrupt themselves in less than a handful of years.......but damn, think of how badass the cars would be. :drool:
  9. I know, Talk about bait and switch :rolleyes:

    Someone told me there will be a Supercharged Silverado at the NY auto show, who know if it is just another teaser
  10. If the cars really were badass, then they probably would not bankrupt themselves... because they'd be selling a lot of cars. It's when they make the fugly things that nobody wants to buy but still cost a lot of research money, that's when they bankrupt the company.

  11. But there's too many fat lazy slobs and soccer moms out there, so the company wouldn't survive on badass brain-jarring sports cars. :(
  12. Actually, it would be.. It wasn't such a great seller with the hispanic community, because it means basically "no go" in spanish, and there are a lot more hispanics around now.
  13. Check out this bad ass Nova (no joke)


    GM is stupid enough to base a new Nova on another FWD I4 or maybe V6 platform
  14. Thats a cool sign.
  15. That's probably the most banal, inane websites I have ever seen.

    Let's never speak of it again.
  16. GM has the Solstice and "son of Corvette" coming out in the not too distant future, so i doubt they will create anymore RWD sports cars.
  17. "son of corvette"???

    Is that just a nickname for solstice or is it some other car?
  18. True, I think thats when Ford will start to think up the GT500, Bosses, whatever special models that they want to incorporate. It makes some since, after a few years, and news dies down, a special model would boost sells again. Of course, if you can wait a couple of years, which I plan to do, the incentives and dealer rebates will drive the price down to something I can afford, and I'll be out of college, so it'll a graduation gift to myself. :p

    And Chevy, I dunno what to think, I'm not seeing many interesting things from them, they drove me away from a Camaro with the prices, and I really hate FWD. That seems to be all Chevy is coming out with. There just aren't any Chevys that peak my interest right now. I'd love to see something from Chevy, that promotes better competition and a better product.

    Oh, and Penguin talking about the Nova meaning "No Go" in Spanish, you're wrong. Go Here
  19. I don't know about the "retro" thing. If it's something that always looked good, is it really retro? It's kind of hard to define IMO.
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