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  1. In 2 years I expect the special models to roll in, then 2009-10 it will probably get a restyle (like 98 to 99) then in 2013 it will probably be replaced by the a whole model. I think Ford will keep the styling fresh and The Mustang won't fade like the other retro cars.
  2. sigh... I thought it was funny :shrug: You ruined my fun. Thanks for the education. :D
    but um, technically, I was right about it meaning "No Go" in spanish. It's just not the reason it sucked and died.
  3. That's funny... about 5 years I said "You know, they should just kill the Camaro and Firebird bring out a new platform, same idea, and call it the GTO and Chevelle... create a nice little marketing buzz for themselves and start selling lots of musclecars again." Looks like it might actually happen now... they're halfway there.

  4. Chevy should build a retro 55' Bel Air. I may be wrong, but that's the only old name I think chevy has left that they haven't raped and insulted yet.
  5. I agree entirely. Retro is not necessarily bad. It's just another style, no different than if it had been introduced today and looked nothing like a previous model. I think it gets bad when they take the retro theme to an extreme, and sacrifice driveability or cost to get there. The new Mustang may have some styling points that hark back to the earlier days of Mustangs, but it's 100% modern in execution, and no sacrifices have been made to its features in the name of retro.

    I think it's going to do great, for more than a couple of years. This presents Ford and the aftermarket with a golden opportunity to come up with some truly kickass designs based on this body style.

  6. true that peyote...
  7. at least they got the vette
  8. I'm not so sure the styling is why "retro" cars fail. Name me one retro car that actually delivers. The Prowler was sweet but had a V6, the PT is just a Neon with Neon performance, the T-Bird didn't deliver anything but looks and the Beetle is way overpriced for what you get.

    Now image if the Prowler had a Hemi or the T-Bird actually competed with the Vette, or you could get a Beetle for 12k.

    The Mustang may be the first "retro" car that is true to its heritage. It's "Retro", has power, and remains relatively cheap, unlike for example the SSR, which will get romped by a Lightening and costs as much as a Vette.

    Finally, what car doesn't loose sales after the first few years? At least Ford has a plan for keeping the Mustang fresh, such as special models. The only things that sell a car once the looks wear off are: price, performance, usability and in the Mustangs case heritage. Unfortunately, until the new Mustang came along, all the retro designs lacked in those areas.
  9. Plus, Ford can get the Mustang into the mainstream with Hondas and Toyotas if they could step up the build quality. Taking a car with the new Mustang's badass looks, a nice bit of performance, and good craftsmanship isn't just an enthusiast's car, that's something that anyone would want to buy.
  10. You make some good points, a lot of the drop is probably due to the "gotta it first" crowd being bigger with retro models. THe Mustang has the price and performance that the other didn't so hopfully it will do a lot better.
  11. You know...for a site that has a lot of "heated discussions" there are a lot of very smart people here. I enjoy reading stuff like what Nicks99GT said and often if you just think about comments, it makes sense as to why it was said. Camaro and Firebird gone out of the picture is good for Ford for sales on the only pony car left. I guess they were first into it, they should be the ones to carry it through. One thing though that I keep thinking of, and that is the price of cars...I have never seen a price drop (meaning MSRP) due to lack of sales, but I have seen a lot of incentives. So once the "gotta get it first" crowd is done buying at MSRP or more, that's when the deals come in. How long will that be?
  12. What about a 442?
  13. They can't they don't use 4 barrel carb. for 4 on the floor manual trannies any more :p

  14. or build Oldsmobiles.... :notnice:

  15. Good point, but I don't think I would feel the same way about the Mustang as I do now and always have if it was a "mainstream" car.
  16. You read my mind...I'd be all over that too.


  17. yes and no. it's going to be the Chevy twin to the Solstice. it will look alot like a Vette, but have the inards of the Solstice. inside GM, it's been dubbed "son of corvette". kinda like the 03 Cobra was "terminator" and the Shelby Cobra was "patunia".
  18. Wasn't that the opel gt
  19. I'm glad that someone here finally agrees with me. :lol:

    I used to be a Fairlane, Torino guy, had several of them, but since the last one in my mind was made in 1973, I had to switch to Mustangs or switch brands.

  20. GM has extremely disappointed me. They killed off an awesome Trans Am and brought out a GTO. The GTO looks like a Honda Accord with an LS1. Just because it has a LS1 does not mean it is cool. I think the GTO looks horrible. Chevrolet also distroyed their heritage by killing the Camaro and bringing out the SSR. The SSR looks like a modern El Camino it too looks horrible. The SSR is too heavy to be fast and looks ridiculous. The F-body is gone and now we have a riced out GTO and a El camino in its place. GM has no clue I will be surprsed if they actually sell a lot of these cars. Since GM has destroyed the F-body I am now going to be a proud Mustang customer. I can not wait to buy a new Mustang when I graduate from college in two years. At least Ford has stuck to their heritage and produce another awesome Mustang.
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