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  1. On the bright side, we're going to have a lot more Mustang owners next year. On the down side, we're going to have a lot more Mustang owners next year. :D Gotta keep this in balance, who are we gonna race if GM doesn't bring back a competitor...
  2. I said this in a thread a week or so ago.....GM is relying solely on the Vette to keep their "legacy" afloat while they wait for the redesign of the GTO to "silence the critics". What a joke. People are going to jump ship to Ford (or others) REAL quick if GM doesn't put something (besides the Vette and GTO) on the streets SOON. Ford gives people what they want....GM gives people what THEY like. Plain and simple.
  3. GM will have more perfomance products than Ford in '05

    14 sec cars
    Superchaged Cobalt SS
    Superchaged Monte SS (maybe 5.3L V8)
    Superchaged Impala SS (maybe 5.3L V8)
    Silverado SS (rumored to get more HP)
    Grand Prix GTP
    G6 GTP (w/ 6 speed manual)
    Bonnieville GXP
    Ion Redline
    XLR (way out of out priceranges)
    STS V8

    13 sec cars
    CTSv (13.1)

    12 sec cars
    C6 Z51 (I think this will be faster than the '04 Z06)

    THe thing that sucks is if you want RWD performance you have to shell out $33K - $50K , Ford has low cost RWD performance owned.

    Solstice looks like a good value, but some of us NEED back seat (even if they are child sized :D)
  4. Toss a LS1 engine in it, change it to RWD, all NASCAR freaks will go ape poop over it. This should have been the new muscle car instead of the Grand Prix Sr.....ummm I mean GTO. :D

  5. Sorry, but IMHO the Monte Carlo is one of the ugliest cars on the road.

    I'd take a new GTO any day over a Monte Carlo.
  6. :eek: "Ugliest"....come on now! I have one, I love it. In fact Yellow SS without silver at the bottom. Actually it's my wife's car, but I love it. For a V6 it sure hauls a$$. Better that my old 75 that I used to have which had a 350. I wish it would have come with the SC in the year she bought it (2002).
  7. z28... most of those "performance cars" are total jokes... Ford could supercharge the taurus (or the 500) and have a 14 second car too.. but who cares...

    I think the ford lineup looks considerably more exciting than GM's, even if there are fewer cars in it...

    Because frankly, the Mustang GT and the Ford GT by themselves are more exciting to me than any car in GM's lineup. The GTO is a joke, and the C6, while faster, is not the car I wanted it to be...

    And since you're not gonna keep it Chevy vs Ford by throwing all that extra GM trash in there, I could bring up all the performance oriented Volvos, Jaguars, and Aston Martins Ford has helped build :)
  9. I agree with the FWD, that sucks, that's why it my wife's car...but I like the looks (at least it's better than that awful Lumina Monte Carlo) and she loves the car because it's a FWD...go figure :shrug: Great riding car, incredible gas mileage...don't be too hard on it, it may be one of GM's only good mid range cars (that with the Impala, same chassis). 2 Years problems, we had a 2000 Impala and same thing after 3 problems, nothing at all.
  10. They could but they don't. Not everyone is into RWD and V8 performance like us. Beleive it or not A LOT of people prefer FWD and/or smaller forced induction engines :nonono::shrug:
  11. The only people who prefer FWD are those who know nothing about cars and believe everything they're told. I'll grant you that the engine size choice is a legitimate choice, though. Personally I want a larger forced induction engine :D
  12. I agree. The monte is just a wierd looking car to me, although there are individual elements that are nice. There is one running around here that is a dark burgandy, 10% tinted windows all around and chrome dubs that actually looks pretty slick. But when you stand back from that car and look at it as a whole, it just doesn't work. I still can't quite put my finger on it.

    The previous generation monte carlo looked way better than the current car.
  13. LOL ...... good point. I know a lot of people that would have bought a Camaro or Mustang had it been FWD or AWD, a lot of people in the North east are still brainwashed that they NEED FWD for the winter (and the sales show it). Hopfully Ford will stress that with the new Mustang closer to 50/50 weight distro and trac/stability control it can handle fine in snowy climates.
  14. I hate FWD because you can only do donuts in reverse :lol: My wife likes it but then again she has never driven anything else so she doesn't know the difference. I tried to avoid it as much as I could but when the family starts and you got less $$$ your choice is limited to pretty well only FWD cars since they tend to be the ones most affordable. Now that the kids are gone...back to fun stuff. She can keep her FWD Monte (which I still say looks good regardless of other peoples opinion-and I am not offended if people disagree).
  15. we'll race each other... GM deserves to be left out and thus humiliated..
  16. I showed up early to workone day and did a bad ass donut in the parking lot... when I showed a couple of co-workers (one drives a honda and the other a M6) the one in the honda said, "I LOVE donuts, i wish I could do them in my car" and the Mazda driver said, "how do you do donuts in your car? can I do them in mine?" His expression went sad when I explained how it works... hehe
  17. z28.. yes there is a market for fwd forced induction engines... and the cobalt, if it wasn't quite so boring, might do do well in this segment... but powerful midsize family cars haven't done well and don't appeal to any particular enthusiast segment.
  18. Well this issue is always going to be debated, but I think that both Ford and GM will do ok in performace car sales. The new Monte Carlo SS and Impala SS will appeal to a lot of people. Honestly, I see more Grand Prix GTPs than I do GTs or Base models. FWD supercharged/turboed cars are popular with a lot of people than RWD V8s. It's not a matter of what is better or not. It is a matter of what people THINK is better. Sure they may be ignorant, but they still buy the cars, and if GM makes what they buy, then that company is just as smart as Ford is.

    Oh, and I think the current Monte Carlo looks great. I respect those who don't like it, but to me, it has a lot of styling cues from the mid-80's models. A friend of mine has an 83 Monte, and I noticed that the taillights are similarly formed, it has dual exhaust (every car should have dual exhaust lol), the lines above the fenders curve the same way, and even the grille is similar looking. Maybe I'm the only person who sees this, but that's ok. A LOT of people hate the foxbody mustang cuz its boxy. But I think the coupes, hatches, and 'verts can all look good when taken care of.
  20. This is a good read.

    Everything seems to fit in place pretty well, and GM Insider is usually pretty secure on their sources. If you read through the whole article about the camaro being officially dead, you notice Lutz himself only said "a deal is a deal," and nothing else. If you read through the whole discussion on, on page 6 you would have read this

    posted 18 February, 2004 07:35 AM

    (once more with feeling.........)

    Have Faith.........

    --don't believe everything you hear or read.......

    I in no way to profess to know what GM is planning but the same article was posted on another message board and here is what Scot Settlemier had to say about Lutz's comments.

    I think perhaps Lutz's has to be quiet about the new Camaro until the contract officially expires on St. Therese, which will be in 18 months. Seems pretty promising that there could indeed be another Camaro.
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