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  1. Everybody can keep hoping. But unless the union has lost it's power (Not likely) Then it's not likely to happen.
  2. $37k for a loaded 400 hp camaro? :rlaugh:
  3. That all depends on how much Ford will sell the next Cobra for. For example, if Ford is able to deliver a near 500 hp Cobra under 40k, the Camaro is toast. However, if Ford sells the new cobra for 45k, and doesn't have a model that is near 400 hp for the same price, the Camaro will sell.

    In the end, if Chevy won't compete with the Cobra, and the Cobra comes in under 40k and boasts a near 500 hp engine, the Camaro won't be able to compete.

    It should be interesting though. If Ford decides to build the Shelby Cobra Concept, which they say they can produce for 1/3 of the cost of the GT, I don't think that the Mustang Cobra (or whatever they will call it) will make anywhere north of 450 hp. I would expect the Shelby Cobra Concept to get the engine from the GT, which would put it on target to compete with the Vette and Viper.
  4. THats a lot better than $40,467 for a loaded 390HP Cobra, or $44,076 for a loaded Mystichrome colored Cobra.
  5. I thought a Cobra coupe cost 35k? You mean to tell me the spoiler is an extra 6g? :shrug:

    Or are you talking about a Cobra with Mystichrome paint, which would add 6k to any car?
  6. Excuse me,

    From Road & Track, August 2002 test of a 2003 SVT Cobra

    Base price: $34,750
    Price as tested: $34,750

    And they only come one way: loaded. That price even includes destination charge.

    Yes, Mystichrome paint is expensive.

    The SVT website shows the 2004 msrp of $35,200 for the coupe, $39,575 for the vert.

    As far as the HP rating, I thought the general opinion was that the 390 figure was underestimated.

    I'll believe $45k for a cobra when I see it.

  7. The union won't have lost its power, but the contract that keeps GM from building another Camaro or Firebird anywhere else expires in 18 months, at which point the union won't have much of a say anymore.

    I don't think $37,000 for a fully loaded SS is that bad, if you take into consideration that they are probably talking about a vert being the most expensive available model. Its alittle more expensive than before, but not much. I am also very skeptical of Ford building a 500hp cobra and selling it for less than $40,000.
  8. Loaded means all options including a convertable top, check, that is were I got the prices from. Mystichrome paint is like $3600 and brings the total up to $44K.

    Not counting Mystichrome paint a Loaded 400HP+/- Mustang is $40,467. So $37K for a loaded 400HP Camaro Vert is a really good. I'd expect the 400HP coupe to cost $30K (in 2007 dollars). The $37K price was just some guys guess, who knows what GM will charge, 2007 is still 3 years away, actual prices won't be set until 1 year before the car comes out.
  9. is full of 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'.

    I'll stick with the msrp from the svt site.

    Who said anything about a vert? Is there a corvette z06 vert? No. Did the post at mention that the $37k model would be a vert? No. At this point, it is too early even to speculate about what form the next camaro will take. By the time GM's bean counters get through with it, you might not want to buy one anyway. With Bob Lutz involved, at least there's some hope.
  10. With him involved it will be over priced bland crap...SSR, GTO...need I say more? (ok SSR is not bland, just over priced) This is my opinion only, the last test for me is to see what happens with the Solstice. They say $20k, it will likely be that in the USA but if it's anything more than $27k Canadian...I am done forever with GM. To add...the GTO is not even available in Canada :notnice: Ford doesn't do that to us (at least not that I am aware of)

    :venting done, takes a deep breath:
  11. get the price from Ford. So those prices are official Ford sticker prices.

    The post didn't mention it would be a hardtop or vert, it just said loaded. loaded means ALL OPTIONS, convertable top is an option. That price is worthless anyways, if is just someones guess, it is NOT an official GM price.

    a 2003 Cobra coupe cost about $35,000 assuming 2% inflation, by 2007 that same cobra coupe will cost $37,885. So even if the $37K price for the 2007 400HP Camaro turns out to be true, it is right in line with the equivalant Ford Mustang

    Also try here:

    And convertable is rarely listed as an option. Often, it is listed as a different model. If you go to the svt site, they specify two different mustang models, coupe and convertable. Go to the ford site, they list 6 different mustangs, two of them are 'verts.

    Who's to say there will be an equivalent mustang in 2007. By all accounts, the next SVT car will have substantially more power and a higher sticker. However, this is all speculation so who knows?
  13. Wylde - Lutz has done a good job with Cadillac. Take a look at the CTS-V and the XLR, you might change your mind.
  14. CTS-V base price is $70,000
    XLR base price is $110,000

    :shrug: Forget it at that price, up there with over least in Canada. Ya they look cool but why does only the rich get to drive any of those. I can't get anything cool from GM new for under $40k (and if you think a Cavalier or a Sunfire is cool...well there is no hope left) I can get a Mustang convertible loaded for less that $35k even more so the 2004 model will be almost given away come this September because of the 05. Loaded Monte Carlo SS with the S/C is over the $40k mark, it's the only low priced cool ride left IMO and it's a FWD! (ugh) Corvette starts at $70k, SSR $70k, GTO NOT AVAILABLE in Canada.
  15. The Ford site has the old Price, sometimes companies up the price during the year. Either way a loaded cobra is over $40K, $40,445 (edmunds) vs. $40,270 (Ford) the difference is only $175.

    I'm sure by 2007 The Mustang line up will look different than now, the point is the Current 400ish HP Mustang Coupe is priced about the same (if not more) than the 2007 400HP Camaro price given, after corrected for inflation. And my inflation # is VERY conservative.
  16. CTS-V = $49K
    XLR = $76K

    Thats here in the states. I think the XLR is a lot, but lets face it, Luxury cars aren't meant to be cheap rides for blue collar workers. They are only building about 3500 a year.

    CTS-V seems to be like a fair value, M5 power/performance at a M3 price.
  17. Coupe $35200

    Convertable $40270

    Mytichrome Convertable $43225
  18. The biggest point to make is GM makes nothing cool for regular Joes period! anymore. If you have $50 or more to throw away, great. I am in between blue collar and white collar wages and I think what GM offers cost too much. Why would I pay more for a car than what I paid for my house (and my house is only a couple years old) Makes no sense at all. Ford seems to be filling the void best. I garranty, when GM, if GM revives the Camaro, it WILL cost more than a Mustang. It just seems to be the way they are. They only care about the BIG profit and only the rich boys and girls will bow down and pay it. I will not! GM seems to be screwing the Canadian consumer more than any other with their over inflated price difference. Our money IS worth less but not that much it's about 25% weaker than the USD not 50% as the price difference is often set at.
  19. I agree. It's been my experience as well that GM's Canadian pricing is waay out of wack. I remember a friend of mine looking at a pontiac product a while back. He compared the US MSRP to the canadian one and, based on that, the Canadian dealer was asking about 5K too much and that was before taxes.

    The article suggests that the styling will be influenced by the chevy SS concept. Here it is:

    I hope they don't go this route. If they do, the same people that blasted them for the GTO's styling will be accusing GM of building a car that looks too much like the Mazda RX8.

    I couldn't get the links on to work but I found the article on another site. Here is the pic.

    1. This is nothing new. I saw over a month ago.
    2. It is obviously a photochop.
    3. It looks like ass.
  20. All the Camaro pics you see are all done by other people, GM has released NO official information on the next Camaro, an insider from GM did say that it would not look like the SS concept though.

    The pic you posted is just a photoshop of the Opel Insignia concept car.


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