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  1. Ok Chevy may have the fastest AWD truck out there. In a field of how many? I only did a small check. And didn't find any.
  2. Nissan, Ford, Dodge, GMC, and Toyota all make 4WD/AWD trucks. Every truck that is faster than the Current Ext Cab Silverado SS is 2WD.

    It is a great truck for what it is, but I think the GM enthusiast wouldn't have been disappointed if it was called something other than SS. I think the SS leads people to believe it should be a SRT-10 or Lightning fighter truck.. If it was Silverado RS no one would have b!t¢hed. GM enthusiast praised the GMC C3 when that came out and it was basically the same truck (AWD ext cab) but with only 320HP coming out of the 6.0L V8.
  3. Lol z28, sorry musta been in a bad mood. You do bring more substance to the table than 97.745% of posters on this board, so I do owe you that much. Sorry bout that. I have nothing useful to add to this thread since I know nothing about trucks.
  5. AWD/4WD I knows there is a difference, I guess I should have said "non-2WD". Since it is the top Performace truck from Chevy it bound to be compared to the top hot rod truck from Ford, Kind of like the Viper vs. Z06 or Viper vs. Ford GT. Each one is targeted to a different group of buyers but since they are the top dogs from each make, they get compared. I think for this reason Chevy screwed up by not making a RWD reg cab Silverado SS when it launched the 2003 Silverado SS. They sould have made both versions at the same time.
  6. You SERIOUSLY had to revive a 2.5 year old thread???? :shrug:
    I read the first 3 pages of this damn thing thinking "why the hell would GM axe the Camaro at THIS stage??!!!!".... then it hit me.... I looked at the post dates and realized some dumbass decided to bring back a 2.5 year old thread. :bang:
  7. LOL I thought the same thing. I was thinking "What the hell...after all the hype and unveiling at the auto show??"

    Oh well, should be a good contender and I like the styling...should be interesting to see how the Moostang compares with the new Camaro when it finally does come out.
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