Roush From Six-cylinder to Saleen's 281-E

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by redwilly02, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. I came across a 281-E Motor taken out of a Saleen Mustang that had 15000 Miles on it. The car was lost when it swung out of a curve and broad-sided a tree up in the rolling hills of North Carolina...

    Last week, down here in Miami, my 1999 Six-cylinder died when I let it run out of coolant, it over-heated, something cracked and begun smoking oil, then it pinged itself to death.

    Anyways, I have provisions of swapping out the two. I am purchasing the Saleen motor for $1000.00. It ran great after the accident, but the car was banana-shaped and was parted out. I will be getting everything but the ECU, Wiring harness, smog pump, Intake manifold and supercharger.

    My first question is there is a discrepancy over what parts Saleen modifies? ... The website says they put in better rods, pistons, crank, etc... But everyone’s telling me Saleen only puts bolt-ons, in other words I will be getting a stock motor.

    I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction with the v-6 extraction and v-8 install. I'll have the motor, $ 1500.00 and an empty Six-cylinder Mustang. Also I have a Just-rebuilt T5, a 11" Centerforce Clutch, some bolt-on extras including long-tube headers and what ever I can sell from the Six.

    Please give me your responses... I look forward to your feedback, Thanks!
  2. That's a tough call.
    I remember that blue vert. It was on E-bay maybe a month back. I heard that the blue vert in question was a clone and that the motor in it was from a 02 hardtop that was totalled and swapped in to the convertible and then that guy t-boned a tree with it.
    Sounds like a lot of bad karma attached to that motor. Also, that series 5 blower is not cheap. I am assuming that you will want to purchase the correct blower for the top of that motor. This is of course that the motor was running well like you were told before it was pulled? Did you see it run?
    The swap is not even a big deal compared to getting together the harness, cpu, blower, and everything else you will have to nickle and dime to death to get that motor the way you want it.
    This is all of course contingent that the longblock is what is advertised. Hmm...
    rods, pistons, crank, etc... Yes, that is the recipe for a E-motor bottom end.

    Good luck, and let us know what happens.
  3. Yeah I'll let you know when I get it together... I dont know the details on that blower though... I'm told I could use any top-mount, but I doubt this.