Fox Front Coilover Spring Weight/size?

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  1. Going to order some front coilovers from TeamZ. I have an 86 with stock k member,Strange adj struts,cc plates with a 302/t5. Street/strip full weight car. What size spring rate should i get?
  2. How about me?

    175-225. There'll be 3 different 12" springs to choose from in that range. I am using, (and have used) #175's on the front of my last car, and the current one I'm putting together. They look like they're almost collapsed when there's weight on them, but there will be about a little less than 1/4" or so between each coil. When you add that up between all of the coils in question, there should be about 2-2.5 inches of compression left in the spring at ride height.
    A 175# spring is obviously the softest spring you can use, and the ride will be commensurately softer as well. There are guys out there that are using a much heavier rated spring that use the car in autocross/road racing. So be sure you know what you want performance-wise from the spring.
    It's all in what you are looking for in the end.

    In my case, "the end" I was was more concerned about was the one that sits in the seat.
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  3. What kind of performance are you going for?

    I like handling, so i use a 275lb 12 inch.
  4. I've had s stiff/handling suspension in this car for the past 2+years and want to focus on optimizing for the strip. Still drive the car on the street also but don't care about carving corners anymore.
  5. If you don't care about handling, 175 would be the way to go, with 12-14" tall for the strip.
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  6. Yeah, I just realized I made an incorrect statement. I have had, and currently have 14" 175# springs on front.
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  7. I have 12" 175 lb springs in mine and the front end is tied down with suspension limiters to limit the total amount of uncompressed travel
  8. Thanks but i just purchased strange adj struts and shocks. Going in with TeamZ rear drag springs and want front coil overs