front drum brake locking up and driving me crazy!

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  1. I have no idea why my drivers brake locks up on my 65 mustang. its got manual front drum brakes with a single resivour master cylinder, and i've tried everything to get them working properly but no luck.

    whenever i put any pressure on the brakes the drivers side just locks up no matter how tight/loose I adjust both sides. The brakes and all the hardware look like they are all in excellent condition and I just had the drums turned.

    any ideas?
  2. Flow or pressure not equal on both sides.

    Line clogged to pass side or rubber brake hose balloning under pressure.

    just a few places to look.
  3. Or the pass side wheel cyl is seized, or partialy seized.
  4. My first thought would be a siezed or not pristine wheel cylinder on the opposite side as well.

    -Always replace them in pairs.
  5. Oh right...if the drivers side is seized, then it is not retracting all the way and causing that side to be more sensitive. Good catch. If you peel the rubber cover back and inspect, it should not be wet or show rust. It should be nearly dry inside.
  6. The drivers side wheel cyl works perfect, which is the one locking up. I didnt get a chance to check out the pass side wheel cyl though. Why would the drivers side lock up if the opposite pass side wheel cyl is bad?
  7. The passenger side wheel cylinder (if partially siezed) is resisting the hydraulic pressure and won't expand. Whereas the driver's side cylinder slides smoothly and applies more braking force. The actual pressure in the system is always equal, so the cylinders in the best condition always recieve more braking action because the fluid takes the path of least resistance.
  8. Sounds like you know what you're doing but just to make sure: if any fluid has been spilled or sprayed on the shoes, they will cause that side to lock up.
  9. I have heard that too.
  10. brakes

    check the hose's, if the old hose is breaking down,
    also check the steel line for a flat spot.
  11. you mentioned that the drums have just been any chance did you replace front shoes at that time?maybe primary/secondary shoes mixed up??just a thought...