Front End Clunk

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  1. Can someone please help. When I start driving away for instance from traffic lights in my 91 5.0 LX I get this clunk on the front. I have ruled out engine mounts and it only does this when the power is applied and the front end lifts. I am pretty sure my struts are OK too.
  2. Check the sway bar end links and sway bar bushings....
  3. Then check out the front LCA bushings, the strut mounts, then the tranny mount.
  4. Any findings? I vote end links
  5. Check to see if strue bolts are tight on spindle. Had a similar noise when I first got my car and that's what it was.
  6. If it is related to the sway bar, pot holes, goung into driveways at angles and curves should make it clunk too. But those same bumps could make a strut mount or its bushing clunk too.

    Loose strut bolts are a very scary thought! I am picturing not just BAD alignment changes, but a spring on the loose and a disconnected front suspension. If you do not see the loose/worn part, please get it checked out by a pro!
  7. Trans mount? Bad u joint?
  8. Thanks to all for your input and sorry for the delay, I was out of town but my car was in the local shop and they advised that the steering rack need replacing, I have a recon one and am doing myself. Will report when done although there was play in the rack I sorta doubt that was the cause but we will see.
    Thanks again
  9. I replaced the rack and ran into another problem, leaking power steering lines. solved the pressure hose by fitting new one but the return line o ring in the nut that screws into the rack was leaking and you cannot find the return line complete with fitting only the stock rubber hose you cut to length. Very annoying, have tried all usual Mustang part sources and ebay. Wrecking yard looks the best bet. You cannot replace the o ring on the return line as it is a sharp right angle fitting and cannot draw back the nut to reveal the o ring.
    Anyway, the CREAK/clunk. The rack did not cure!! I replaced the sway bar rubber but still no better despite being worn. The struts are fairly new by the looks of them. Suspect problems are the rubber mounts at top of struts but not sure. This clunk happens every time I hit the gas in a straight line from the stop light. A pronounced creak more than a clunk.
    Be pleased to know if anyone else has experienced the same.
  10. Ball joints, tie rod ends (if not replaced during rack and pinion), wheel bearings , broken springs, any loose suspension components.