Front End Damage Question?

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  1. The part where the front bumper attaches to the car under the radiator... Is that considered the Radiator core support? Or is there like a frame-rail under the core support? The piece has a series of holes on it where the bottom (the little tabs) of the bumper is screwed into it. I just need to know if it is fixable and/or replaceable so the bottom of the bumper can be secured (without using tie-wraps) !!!! Thanks Joey

    Part numbers would be a plus too if anyone has those. Can't seem to find out anything on the internet about it.
  2. Anyone?!?!
  3. maybe this question would do better in the tech section...?
  4. Yes, that is the radiator core support.
  5. IF the bottom of the core is messed, it could be fixed... i'd probly have it replaced, you can get new core supports....but ether way I would take it to a GOOD body shop