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  1. I am doing research on what I want to do with my rustang. I have decided to start with the suspension and brakes first then go from there. I have been looking into aftermarket from suspension systems and subframe upgrades. There are three that have really sparked my interest and I need help on deciding who to go with. The idea for this build is that when it is all done and over with I will have a damn fine street car and I can also AutoX with. I have a general idea on it all but the suspension is where I wanna start. I am stuck between Maximum Motorsports, Steeda and Afco. I read in a few places saying that Steeda was for more of a street/strip build. I need some opinions guys. Thanks
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  2. MM around Christmas time, start saving!
  3. UPR or MM
  4. MM, will not be disappointed in quality and handing.
  5. Well I have come to a issue. The MM Kmember and lower control arm combo adds 3/4s of an inch to the wheel base measurement. Is there any combo out there that will not adjust my stock wheel base measurement?
  6. they all move it around a little bit. sometimes it even moves the wheels base a little. what are you using for tie rods?
  7. moving the tires forward is to your advantage, not disadvantage.
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  8. My mistake, I thought you said track width.