Mach 1 Front end noise

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by crodrc51, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. My setup in the front is:
    Eibach Prokit springs and Eibach struts
    Steeda camber/caster plates
    Energy suspension end links, and bushings in the control arms
    Energy suspension offset rack bushings
    Steeda ball joints
    17x9 Cobra R rep with Nitto 555's.
    Car is a 2003 Mach with 55,500 miles.

    Problem is when there is weight shift, there is a noise coming from the right front side that travels through the foot well, fire wall area-as if it was knocking against something and the noise traveling in. It is not dependent only on acceleration, braking, clutch engaged or disengaged, motor running or off. It is temperature dependent; meaning it takes a bit of time to come on in the morning.

    I have had my performance shop go over the front end, tighten things up a bit. Got rid of the noise for a short time, but returned quickly and with a vengeance-noise is more prominent now. I have even taken it to a Ford dealer, and they requested me to bring it in again to put some noise sensitive equipment on it to better source the noise.

    Car is driveable, only thing I notice is that it needs frequent alignments to align the steering wheel. It will still track straight. But usually toe is off.

    Any thoughts??:shrug:
  2. This doesn't really sound like a factory issue, since you have a lot of aftermarket suspension components, repost this in the 4.6 tech forum, you'll get a lot more info and posts there. Btw Welcome to :SNSign: