Front Lcas?

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  1. Has anyone replaced theirs and, if so, what kind did they go with? Has anyone replaced the front UCAs as well and did it help? I remember reading somewhere that people were saying switching to polyurethane bushings in the front LCAs would cause issues with the ECU/computer and don't want to deal with it regardless of how noisy the front suspension is.
  2. for 05-09's a popular front LCA's are OWM GT-500 units.
  3. Been getting the popping noise at initial braking at all speeds, seems to be getting worse. Noticed the inner portion of the driver's side tire is almost bald, all the other tread looks good and passenger side is good. Took the car in to a shop to have the front tires replaced with a set I have from home and to have a front-end alignment done to see if that fixes the baldness....

    They replaced the tires. But after getting it in to the alignment shop, they brought it back around and told me that the RF/right front ball joint is "smoked"/bad.

    So I just ordered the BMR A arms for the 10-14 mustangs. I will let you know how that turns out.
  4. How'd this turn out?
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