Front License Plate Hole Plugs/caps

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  1. Living in Michigan, we don't have front license plates. My car however looks to have had a plate in the front at one time. It looks like the previous owner tried to fill in the holes in the fascia, however didn't do a very good job. I'm looking for either some plugs, or caps to place in the holes to clean up the front. Or perhaps fill the holes in better and use some touch up paint to conceal. I don't want to bondo and re-spray the whole fascia. Anyone have any ideas? I've been searching for some caps or plugs that I could paint to match and install, but no luck. The car is 1999 white. Thanks for the help!!
  2. Wow, RacEoHolic, you weren't kidding. For $56, I'm going to have to look at other alternatives. Thanks though. Those were exactly what I was looking for.
  3. If you do not want to do it right and use plastic weld, which requires filling, sanding and painting, then you go this route:

    with these listed below, you make sure the face of the hole is trimmed flat, then put the backside (female) on the inside of the bumper, then push the male end thru the hole of the bumper and thru the female end on the back side, touch it up with dupli-color touch up paint and your done.

    These you just push thru with nother attaching on the backside

    They are cheap, get you some dupli-color touch-up paint from your local store and there you go.
  4. Just go to Lowe's in the hardware section, get some plastic caps/plugs, get some paint from the parts store and call it good.
  5. +1 on going to a local hardware store to source some inexpensive plugs if that's the route you choose to go. Folks are forced to do the same thing when removing the spoiler from their decklids. The main reason I haven't tried removing the spoiler from my GT yet is because I can't stand the look of the plugs showing like they do. I don't run a front plate on my car and I just filled in the holes with some black filler paint. It looks pretty good and you can't tell unless you're very close to the car.
  6. I too feel the same way!
  7. A lot of times its cheaper, faster and easier to gp get a decklid in your color from the local you pull and pay.
  8. OP is talking about his front bumper and the holes for the license plate not a decklid. Just FYI
  9. Yes, I know. I was responding to restomod's comments in the thread regarding deck lid holes from removing the spoiler.
  10. Thanks everyone for the replies. I think I'm going to check the hardware store and paint up some plastic plugs.