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  1. I moved to Colorado late last year and finally got my Fox registered. Colorado requires front plates and of course my bumper is currently unmolested, and I'd prefer to keep it that way.

    The common fold away or flip down bracket I keep finding through google searches seems to be for the later models.

    Anyone have creative, simple ideas for how to mount a front plate without drilling into the front of the bumper? I'm about ready to just drill the bumper and be done. This isn't a show car but I'm just picky.
  2. stick it in your window like all the other people that don't want to mount it. Or be a rebel and risk five-oh pulling your 5.0 over for no front plate (fix-it ticket plus fine).

    I'm going no front plate. There are very few police where I live. I'm lucky to see maybe one po-po every other week (if that) and they're typically on their way to somewhere and not looking to speed trap or get picky about no front plate. They don't care about me unless i'm flipping them the bird or throwing donuts out my window. lol. jk
  3. You'll get a ticket for putting it in your window where I'm at
  4. I've seen the potential aftermath of having a loose front plate in the windshield during an accident...

    The cops in Denver will nail people left and right for no front plate from what I hear, and it's a flat $75 no-fix ticket. Seems especially prevalent with meter maids catching parked cars without a front plate.
  5. Plates in the dash seem tacky to me. I'm a stickler for a neat interior, and i'd rather drill my bumper, than have a plate sitting on my dash.

    I'd say just grab the correct fox mustang plate mount plastic bracket and attach it and call it day.
  6. Claims it fits all 79 up Mustangs
  7. Sounds like something from a "final destination" movie

    I just did a search for images of lx mustangs and there is nothing I could find. I'ts either no plate or stock type mounting on the front bumper. Drill baby drill!

    Possibly you could use that flip down license plate and mount it under the nose of the bumper where the aid dam is. I only see a picture of a Foxbody GT but his is mounted low.

    License plates on the front of most cars just look like a sore thumb but even more so on an LX 5.0.
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  8. So true
  9. Hate a [email protected] plate on the front :fuss:
    you could get creative and do the lower part, there is the opening with access to supports. Thats the only way i would do it. ...Or I'd move but lots of people are moving there
  10. You got it Noobz, too bad it's out of stock and $45!

    Oh well, looks like I'll just bite the bullet and get out my drill...
  11. ^^this^^ and if you decide to add the proper location, and then move to a state where you dont need a front plate, say arizona, here is a way to "repair" the holes you drilled to install the plate;

    granted its a thunderbird, but the concept is the same.
  12. Estimated ship date of 17 Jan though. That's two days away. Let's see if I can get someone from LRS in here to verify/deny availability:

    @LRSjmac @LRSJustin
  13. Jmac is the man! Love his "how to" videos.
  14. DSCF4530.jpg IMAG0595.jpg

    Something different
  15. Looks much better down low in my opinion
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  16. Hey i recognize that Blue LX. its from hawaii! haha

    Anyway, here, its a moving violation and its like 90 bucks or something. I need a new license plate bracket. mine is old and faded and I'm getting new plates for the car too (current plates are faded, and that in itself is a traffic offense here that can get you a hefty ticket)

    I checked LRS and they don't seem to have it. Any ideas?
  17. My solution that always worked was to have a beat-up front plate mounted to equally beat-up mounting bracket. Kept it behind the front passenger seat. If ever pulled over, I handed the officer the plate and bracket and said it just fell off and I was going to re-install it later that day. Never got a ticket.