Fox Front License Plate On Fox

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  1. unless your license plate bracket is damaged somehow, why not just refurbish your current one? if its metal, you can strip the old paint, and rust and have it powder coated or paint it. if its plastic, the you can clean it with TSP and the paint it with paint designed for plastic. this way you can even make it match the body color of the car.
  2. Drilled and installed last night…drinking tonight to get over it
  3. lmao :lol:
    the part when you first walk out to your car tomorrow morning...
  4. I've been plateless out front since 2007 or so and agree the bracket and plate look terrible.
    Buck toothed but not illegal!

    Who am I kidding, I haven't had a front plate in a long time!
  5. thank god i live in a state that does require a front plate.
  6. Id like to do my LX the same way the above posted blue & white LX's are done. Anymore info on those?