Front Liscense Plate Mounting

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  1. Finally got this 89 GT. purchaced the car from Indiana where no front plate is required. I unfortunately live in the wonderful state of Illinois where a front plate is required. The seller gave me what seemed to be the Ford issued mounting bracket and I ordered a mounting kit from late model resto. The kit came with 4 ,what seemed to look like to me ,plastic pop rivets 2 plate screws to attach the plate to the mounting bracket and no instructions. There are 2 small round holes in the front that match the Ford mount, and the rivets fit in the holes but not real snug. It seems to me that the mount is suppose to be attached to the front of the car and then the plate attached to the mount. So i am wondering if the mounting bracket is pop riveted to the front or should i get more creative. The cops around here seem to be always looking for a reason to pull people over since our state is broke I guess they have to get money any way they can. Just want to get this plate figured out so I don't get hassled.
  2. I'm getting ready to move to Colorado where a front plate is required. I'm not sure how I'm going to install a front plate, but I don't currently have any holes in the front bumper to support installation of a plate and I can tell you I won't be adding any holes. I'm going to have to get creative and find, or fabricate, a bracket which somehow attaches to the core support behind the bumper and still allows me to run a front plate.

    To the OP, pictures may help. I would suspect that the mount should be held onto the bumper pretty securely. If the plastic fasteners are kind of loose it doesn't sound like that will work.
  3. It's just one of the many reasons that Illinois is a good state to formally call home.

    I don't drive my car enough and know enough of the local cops that I never bothered putting the front plate on my car. Indiana and Kentucky are both no front plate states so there are tons of cars running around here without them.
  4. The car was originally purchaced in Chicago , so that is why the holes and bracket are there. I am the 3 rd owner. The car is black so can't really notice anything. I guess I will just keep the front plate under my seat for now until I figure it out. We have this place in my town that specializes in Mustang only , it is called Mustang corral. This place has been around for 30 plus years. I'll probably see what they think .
  5. Just put a plate bracket on my car. Should be a couple dimples just under the mustang script on the bumper where the rivits go. Someone filed out square holes In my bumper to mount the plater directly go the bumper. Man did that look stupid. I ended up using nuts and bolts to mount the bracket since the holes were boogered up.
  6. good to know
  7. The OEM bracket from the dealer I ordered did not seem to fit so well, kind of had to stretch it out on first install. But it looks fine.
    On a Cougar, I repaired a stripped out bumper cover with a new style sheet rock/ nylon drywall anchor. The screw in type really held for as long as I had the car.