Front Mount Intercool Kits...Checking Interest...

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  1. Front Mount Intercooler Kits...Checking Interest...

    I'm gauging interest in a "bolt in" FMIC kit for Mustangs/TC's.

    This kit would allow use of the stock Radiator and fan setup...that should save a fair amount of money and work over the NPR's and such...The intercooler will mount in front of the radiator support down low and be large enough to flow the air for 450+hp with a pressure drop of .5psi or less at 15psi. The core would be somewhere around 21x12x3.5" with a 2.5" inlet/outlet.

    IC tubing would be 2.5" aluminized tubing that's mandrel bent. There would be no welds in the tubing. The ends of the tubing would have a rolled bead so they wouldn't blow apart under high pressures.

    I would have kit for "stock" configurations, as well as one for my center mount header setup.

    I could offer this kit three different ways, which would you prefer?
    1) Intercooler and Tubing, no couplers or clamps
    2) IC, Tubing, Couplers, no clamps
    3) IC, Tubing, Couplers, & Clamps

    I would like to use black rubber couplers with worm gear clamps as I've had great luck with them, I suppose I could offer silicone stuff with T-bolt clamps for an elevated price if there was enough demand. I'll need your opinions on this.

    What do you guys think a fair price for this kit would be? The price you are willing to pay will decide whether I do this or not...

    The kit would look similar to this one, only the IC would be ~30% larger and the tubing wouldn't have any welds:

    As a second option, I'll have IC tubing for NPR and Volvo IC's in a few weeks...

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  2. I guess the price i would be willing to pay would greatly depend on it effectivness compared to cheaper options. I paid virtually nothing for the volvo IC (~$25) another 35 for the radiator, and whatever i paid you for the IC tubing (cant remember exactly) But i bet i have less then $200 in the whole front mount setup. I think the deal would be worth it if you had a Bolt on kit, that was MORE effective then a volvo (or something similar) and still costs a reasonable amount. The problem I see is a sourceing a good, but cheap intercooler. That will be the most expensive part of the whole thing. If the Kit was.. lets say twice as much a junkyard setup, but only marginally more effective it would be a hard sell. Its going to be a tough balancing act between affordability, and Performance. I would say try to keep the Whole system Under 500, i would guess that about the max anyone would spend on a junkyard setup. That being said, "Bolt on" convience is worth something so you could justify some of the cost just to save the hassle of fabrication.

  3. The volvo IC is a turd compared to the core I'm looking at...this one is as effective as the NPR core whice we all know is as good/better than a Spearco setup.

    Dr, don't forget the money you have in the couplers and clamps...that's another ~50 bux normally. You also got a deal on the ic tubing ;)

    I think most people with a comparable NPR setup have and average of 250-300 in the IC, 75-150 tubing, 50-75 in couplers, 10-30 in clamps, and 25-100 in radiator/fan changes. That's $410-$655 for a home made NPR setup. That doesn't even factor in the "bolt in" advantage, or the fact that this kit will be "weldless" so it's much cleaner looking...
  4. Damn.. to bad i just setup the volvo.. Oh well.. i can still hit ya for some exaust.
    Truth be told i probably have 75 in hoses and clamps.. so yeah, that bumps it up a bit.

    alright, so lets go with the High end of your estimate, would 700 be in the ball park?
    Also if you are gonna make a ~700+ dollar intercooler setup, what can offer for cheapasses like myself... A bolt in volvo kit would have been nice for me.. what about a bring your own volvo type of kit, with brackets, IC tubing, couplers and clamps? That way you could market to the less rich (or less performance driven) crowd.

  5. It will be less than 700...I don't think I can sell enough at that price.

    If you look at the last line in my initial post, it says: I'll have IC tubing for NPR and Volvo IC's in a few weeks...that should cover the cheapasses ;)

    BTW, you can drop an NPR right in place of you volvo unit...they are the same size.
  6. I would flip over a bolt in setup! :hail2:
    If its under $700 Go for it man. and sign me up.
  7. would there be any cutting to the bumper cover, etc? I'm assuming not but never hurts to ask. a/c compatible or would we have to remove the condenser?

    would you also make them for a rotated upper intake?

    what with the price to buy the components individually even at wholesale price you'd have to ask at least $500 to make it worth your wild...well that is unless you've got a hookup on the mandrel bender you're using :p
  8. No cutting the bumper cover...I know how the SVO guys would feel about's not an option.

    The ac condensor can be used, it just needs to be moved towards the rear of the car ~3/4".

    Rotated intake setup may happen...the only problem is the vast differences between all the different ways/angles/heights people rotate them.

    Of course I've got do you run a business without? I can't use the mandrel bender for free though if that's what you are saying...
  9. yeah thats true but in that case you could set it up against a standard like a bob's rotated upper and to account for the small variances there just use one of those bendable hose couplers with the bulge in it....though that would add to the cost of those kits a little.
  10. I think even Bob has a couple variations but yes, I agree it could be done...I mentioned something similar on TF yesterday about it.

    Too bad SVOBud doesn't want me to mention any of my products on SVOCA, I think alot of those guys would be thrilled to see the kit available...
  11. how much if its under 500 let me know
  12. YES INDEED thats the kind of thing I've been waiting for. I doubt any will apply to me right now but that would be awesome.
  13. I'm assuming the pipes run under the front framerails?

    How do you mount the intercooler?

    Looks nice, but probably more than I could afford (and I already have a decent fmic anyway)
  14. I just posted this on TF, but assuming I can reasonably afford it, I'm in for NPR tubing as soon as you get it done. Keep us posted. :nice:

  15. Yes, runs under the front framerails. IC sits on the bottom of the front clip. I haven't decided if it needs brackets or doesn't move at all without them.

    NPR tubing will be around 150 bux...
  16. wow if i keep seeing stuff like this the mod bug is gonna eat me to death, i wanna keep my svo stock but if i keep hearing this stuff soon enough all my stock parts are gonna be in a box in my garage, lol.
  17. Plus or including shipping?

  18. well you can put me down for one of them. :nice:
  19. my npr only moves if the hoses clamps bust. Then it tries to leave through the nose. I'm definately in for the NPr tubes for either a stock or rotated upper, maybe even both.
  20. Brian, dunno if it will be plus or including shipping...probably only ~20 bux difference either way. I won't know until I figure out how much money I'll have in them. I've also got to figure out how much couplers and clamps are if you want those as well.