Front Mount Intercool Kits...Checking Interest...

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  1. Couplers and clamps would probably help, so let's assume they're included. These are gonna be mandrel bent as well, right? I think I can get my buddy to powdercoat them for free or cheap since I helped him move his 5000lb powdercoating oven last week. :D

  2. Yes, mandrel bent...
  3. Would it interfere with the A/C condensor?
  4. Yes, minimally.
  5. How's this tubing going to be routed? I mostly see either 90* off the outlet and back parallel to the IC, then 90* up and 90* to the TB, or 45* off the outlet and up (different ways) to the TB.

  6. ****ing internet, it sucks on this comp lately. :mad:
  7. The NPR style tubing will look like the tubing on my 91LX, Dr Elusives car, etc...90 off the compressor to the inlet, 90 off the outlet angled up to ~60 degrees towards the firewall, then 90 to the TB.

    I made a 3D model of the IC I'm going to use with the above pictured IC tubing. It's ~30% larger than the one pictured.


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  8. do it. i will buy one of those setups