1. Some time in the life of my car before I owned it somebody had used the bottom part of the radiator support to pull the car. Maybe a tow truck driver or somebody pulling the car out of being stuck. Anyway, I got it bent back into the right position basically. It's not perfect but good enough.

    In the repair process I had removed the plastic front spoiler that mounts under the bumper. Since I had installed lowering springs, this plastic spoiler is the only thing that scrapes sometimes. I can live with it scraping now and then if there is a significantly useful reason for it being there. On the other hand, I could omit it.

    What do I loose by omitting it? Too much air under the car at higher speeds? Anything else? Would you live with it scraping now and then or take it off?

  2. I would leave it, it helps draw air to the front of the radiator. I have found that without mine it would run warm at highway speeds without the fan running. Now at highway speeds the fan does not run with the spoiler in place.

  3. It definitely helps aid in cooling!
  4. Do NOT remove that airfoil as it plays an important part in forcing air into the engine bay and cooling the car at highway speeds.
  5. Trifecta! Put it back on
  6. Won't overheat just not as cool as before. Not life and death as some are making it out
  7. So give one reason NOT to reinstall it. You want higher underhood temps? Ford engineers designed it for a reason.
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  8. I rode with out mine for about two years.... I had no cooling problems you speak of. It will probably make the car run a little cooler but I never had issues. I recently put it back on and saw no difference. I run mechanical water and oil temp gauges.
  9. Ford engineers also designed the Edsel. I'm not saying it doesn't work I just didnt think it was all caps worthy. It will run some higher but will most likely be in the safe zone. You know all those cats w Mach 1 chins well they block the air from the front spoiler
  10. Ps: you always use NOT in all caps?
  11. Pss: I doubt ford engineers designed it, fords aren't the only cars that have em. Oh and I also haven't had one for years. T'was also ripped off by a chain... It still ran cool. I now have a Mach 1 chin and it runs a tad warmer but nuttin serious. OP if I had mine if prob put it on but I'm not going to go buy one prolly. Either way you're ok. Worse case scenario ride around w out and see what happens. If its hot out er back on
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  12. Install it and enjoy the scrape. Almost all modern cars and trucks have this for cooling. It would be a good addition to my antique too.
  13. If Ford could have done without it they would have, I would put it back on.
  14. Had em for decades now.
  15. only when I've had a few Jack n Cokes. :nice:
  16. HEY I need that part sell it to me :flag:
  17. There is a guy on Ebay and the Corral that sells a nice aluminum deflector that holds up much better than the stock one.
  18. Aluminum down there??? I don't think so... I scrape mine so much on minor stuff, that aluminum would wouldn't hold up in my opinion
  19. could paint it black, hmmmmm :scratch: I may look into this