1. Mine scrapes too much for me to be comfortable with a non flex material. And I have FMS B springs.
  2. Sorry for the hijack....
    Hey Jarrod, wonder if you have a "bloopers" video of out takes? I'd pay for that!

    BTW the gears and SFC went on last week. Thanks!
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  3. lol, we had one, but it was never posted. We're keeping it on lock down for now.
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  4. this is still on topic, all for the greater good :lol:
  5. Gonna put it back on. An occasional scrape of the plastic spoiler is always a good reminder of the lower clearance anyway. Kinda like those metal bars they hang over the entrance of the parking garages.
  6. I think I'll trim the spoiler a bit. I bet if I trim 1/2" it will stop most of the annoying scraping. And 1/2" less on the spoiler is not going to affect my cooling, - not with the mondo fat radiator and fan setup I just installed.
  7. How it works is simple. The deflector actually breaks up the slipstream under the car and creates a low pressure effect that helps draw air from the engine bay out the rear more efficiently. If you do that, more air comes through the radiator. Simple concept that works quite well.

    Many cars have some thing similar, but not all.

    If I still had wind tunnel access...I'd take one of my GMP die casts and see if I can illustrate it on those 1:18 deflectors :)
  8. It sounds reasonable. Please let us know how it works after a hot day. Also, I would like to know what you find is the best method to cut the plastic. I can see some tools making a melted mess and others crooked lines.

  9. I cut it with a razor knife and it took about a minute. Just make sure it's a fresh blade. Use both hands to steady the tool, start at one end and slowly pull the knife across to the other. Taper off at the ends and done. The plastic is thin and soft. It was easy.
  10. If you have one and your car doesn't, put it on.

    If you don't and your car stays at the T-stat controlled temperature while you're moving greater than say 30mph, your cooling system is working. No need to mess with it.

    Obviously, if you're having heating problems at idle or low speeds, look elsewhere for your problem.
  11. Yes it will, ask me how I know...
    I had cooling problems at speeds over 65, if I ran 70 the temps would climb, reinstalled the air diverter and problem solved.
  12. Would climb into the "red"? No problems w out it on my end
  13. Same here. Never had one on about of my mustangs. No issues with running hot.
  14. Yes it would, the temps would keep climbing until I slowed to about 60. Like many others have said, it's there for a reason, helps in no way to take it off.
  15. Some of the LX guys might not have noticed as much of a difference since they have some sort of grille opening (more than a GT has). :)
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  16. nail... head
  17. I've always thought about that grille opening and temp differences. Always glad that mine was open.
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  18. The missing air deflector or whatever u wanna call it I'm speaking of is on well not on rather a 95 gt. It's been off for oh 5 yrs now maybe?? It's only started to run slightly hotter now since the addition to the Mach I chin. No nail heads on my end