Front suspension help 93 notch


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Aug 4, 2019
Hi guys, looking for some help on this project. 93 notchback I’m working on the front suspension. I put MM coil over kit with MM caster cambers, bilstien struts, SN95 spindles, big brake setup 13” rotors with cobra calipers & QA1 control arms. Alignment still needs to be done but to me it appears the tires have been offset back ? I have 245/45/17 on a 17x9 wheels. Does anyone know if the QA1 control arms are supposed to offset the tires? I know I’m running big tires upfront but I see guys running them all the time but when turning the tires rub the back of the fender. Any help is appreciated.
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Nov 29, 1999
Qa1 stuff is known to cause all kinds of offset issues . Do you have a stock k member still ? I lf so save yourself a headache and go back to the stock arms . Remember to use the spaces needed with the sn spindles or press in 95 ball joints. This will positivley make your issues go bye bye .
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