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  1. This is coming off my car the end of next month....just wanting to give a headsup in case someone wants it all. Id like to sell it all together, but might seperate. All parts are off of my 66 mustang or are in my garage. The suspension was rebuilt 5 years ago and has NO MORE than 4,000 miles on it. The 620 springs are new, they have been mounted, but never driven on (and no engine was in the car) - all parts are stock

    Tie rods $10
    steering rack (manual, standard ratio) $20
    aarms upper and lower $200 (powdercoated gloss black or almost chrome)
    stock spindles (coated black or chrome) $50
    drum brakes $10 each
    sway bar $15
    cross member $20?
    620 springs $50
    no name brand struts $25/pair
    ALL hardware

    Granda slotted discs (new, never ran. have some surface rust, but will come off the first time you hit brakes) $100
    Granada spindles $75 powdercoated gloss black or almost chrome
    Misc Granada hardware
    1966 mustang steering column and box $50

    Spring perches: $35 coated black or chrome

    Everything from the front suspension is for sale, so if you need anything, just let me knwo.

    You can make offers on certain parts or everything as a package. Prices will be cheaper if you dont want the items coated. Of course, I prefer a local sale (georgia), but will ship at your expense.
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