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  1. My wife hit a parking block and tore off the front under body panel of the car (05 GT). This is the black plastic panel that attaches to the underside of the front bumper and to the cross member behind the radiator. Unfortunately, she didn’t think to pick it up and didn’t tell me for a few days, so it looks like I need to find a replacement instead of making a repair to the broken one. It appears this panel forces air from the lower grill into the radiator instead of allowing it go under the car, so it serves an engine cooling purpose and should be installed. (It may also cause the hood shake issue discussed here).

    So my questions:
    What is this thing called and is there a part number? This would be good to know if I start calling auto around.
    Is this unique to the GT, or is the same panel used on the V6?
    Any ideas for inexpensive alternatives?
    Anyone got one laying around they want to part with?
    What is the risk of not replacing it?

    Anyone seen a s-197 stang in a local wrecking yard I can call?

    Thanks Guys!
  2. i have been thinking about what this piece is on this car. i have seen them on other cars, but not my S197. i looked in my collision book, and dont see one there either. do you have a pic of the missing part? maybe i am thinking of something else?

    alot of times ford will simply call this part "deflector" or "protector" so it may be hard for you to describe to someone on the phone without seeing the pic and pointing out the part to the guy.
  3. If someone knows of a front-end "skid-plate", or "Air-Deflector" or whatever it's called for our S197 cars, surely you'll let us know?
    I'd sure like to have one.

    Sounds like good protectioin for the AC condenser & lower radiator.
    Would be kewl to direct more air there versus underneath the rest of the car.
  4. Since mine is mostly gone, I can't take a photo that would be helpful. However You can see the front part of it in this photo of a car under repair. I marked around it in red, but I'm not very good with the photo programs

    (Thanks for the photo richard, I hope you don't mind my "borrowing" it from your post.)
  5. cover, under. part # 5R3Z 17626 BA

    its about $30 in my book. :( does not appear to be GT/V6 specific. if you need any of the clips, here are the numbers:

    N806799 S for the clips, N801169 S900 for the screws, and W711274 S439 for the nuts, but it usually will come with at least the nuts. each of these are about $1.50 retail
  6. Under Valence

    My dealership *casually* refers to it as the "under-valence". Not to slight Big Cat's reply from the parts book though. Mine has 1/2 way fallen off twice in the 3000 miles I've put on my 07. "Undervalence" is what they write on the repair "bill" (not that I actually pay for the repair, mind you").
  7. Not sure what purpose it serves on the S197 for sure, but after I repainted my front end on my old Fox body, I left this piece off and the car definitely ran hotter. Put it back on, and my temps came back down to normal.

    So, the point of it being a deflector for air into the radiator is certanily valid, or at least it was on my Fox-body.
  8. See information below:

    Part No. 17626
    Bumper Valance Panel (stone deflector)
    GT; Underbody
    Dealer price is $68.73. price is $54.98.

    I lost mine due to a parking block with exposed rebars. Your message reminded me to get it replaced.

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  9. I know this is a very old thread but I just purchased one from local dealer. Their computer calls it a deflector-stone. $97.00.