Front Wheel Drive?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by enrapture, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Hey guys,

    Question..I LOVE mustangs n would love to get one of my own..BUT I live in North East so Rear wheel drive is really dangerous in snow. (Especially since I live in Buffalo NY n we get pummeled with it every year). I was wondering if Mustang ever made/makes Front wheel drive cars? Or if anyone else has a mustang in snowy weather and how the drive was for you?

    I have a friend in Florida who insists he had a front wheel drive mustang as his first car..but as far as I've seen they don't exist. Any info would be appreciated. Let me know either way, or if u have had experience with a mustang in the snow..Thanks :D
  2. No mustang that I know of is front wheel drive. I just got my mustang, and I live in Detroit, so I figure I will just drive the mustang during the summer, and then I have a 94 Dodge Intrepid(front wheel drive) that I will drive for the winter.
  3. ill prolly be stealing either my parents Sebring conv. for the winter or the rendezvous... although i have winter tires for it, it just might not be enough for the hard winters we get up here in CT...
  4. Was it a fox body look?? The 87 and 88 escort looks like a fox body mustang. LOL :rlaugh: . Fools alot of people who don't know any better. I have an 88 and its been mistaked 100's of times. Of course its front wheel drive, its an escort. Other then that, i've never heard of a front wheel drive mustang. :shrug:
  5. "I was wondering if Mustang ever made/makes Front wheel drive cars?"

    Mustang is not a car company therefore mustang does not make frontwheel drive cars, Ford makes the mustang btw... i've driven mine in the snow just take it slow...
  6. Thanks for replies, looks like I'll probably be waiting till I can afford a mustang and a winter car.. =/

    And Silver..I'm very aware that Ford makes the car. I just worded it funny. Don't be so anal. lol
  7. Very possible..I'll have to ask him. I had to explain to him why I couldn't drive a rear wheel drive in snow so he could have been mistaken if it even WAS rear wheel, if it was a Mustang..Cause he didn't seem to think about that thing since he doesnt have snow to worry about. I wish I didn't have snow to worry about.

  8. All I own are Mustangs, so i don't have a choice. I don't care anyway. It's all about confidence and just going out there. I might do the entire drive to work sideways with two rooster-tails kicking up, but i always get there in one peice! :D
  9. lmao Mustang5L5...I drove down my road sideways this winter. It was awesome.

    But yeah I don't have a problem on main well-taken care of roads...but then, nobody gets hit harder than buffalo so I don't think I'd recommend a Mustang.
  10. warning 66 mustangs are not good for snow! i got stuck in a ditch and started walking and low and behold my sister pulls up and tells me to get in her 2003 mustang. so if your going to get one for snow driving then i would recommend a newer model.