Suspension Front Wheels Sticking Out

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by dubbsix, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. wheels sticking out in the front of my newly bought sn95, while the rears look almost too far inside the rear fender.

    whats up with that? I checked and all tires are the same size 245's

  2. Thats normal.
    Put your engine back in, it'll look better.
  3. Engine is in. I think it was on jack stands for the cobra brake upgrade. So I guess the answer is a staggered wheel setup?
  4. That appears to be a big gap between the top of the tire and fender flare, mine is 2". Maybe the engine isn't in.
  5. Toyman had it in jacks stands for a brake swap
  6. As mentioned, what you're seeing is the stock setup. Not sure why Ford thought it looked good that way. You can get 10'5" or 11" rims for the back that fill up the wheel well. You'll have to get a narrower rim on the front to pull the wheel back in.
  7. Thanks all. You all have been a real help.
  8. My Cobra does the same thing. I haven't measured to see if the track is actually different front to rear or if it's just the body tapering towards the front, but it has always bothered me too.

    A good friend with a '96 was really bothered by this look and added wheel spacers to the rear axles that balanced it nicely. I think he used 1" spacers like these:
  9. The track is 30mm wider on the front of a Mustang. No idea why. Wheel spacers in the back fix the issue.