Front Wheels Too Far Forward

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  1. So, I havent had a chance to work on mine as of late, but over the next few nights Im going to get under it and see what I can adjust. I am planning on ordering some adjustable strut rods, but until they come in I was going to see what I could adjust with the stock strut rods. One question, what is the best way to adjust them? Should there be weight on them when they are adjusted or do you adjust them up in the air. Not sure if I should put the front end on jack stands or is ok to adjust on the floor. I have never really done any front end work. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. The stock 65-66 strut rods are not adjustable.
  3. Well, that answers that, sort of. How about when I replace them? The question still applies?
  4. Let me throw this out first...I am not an auto mechanic. What I did was, I bought four 1'x1' pcs of sheet metal. Put some grease on two of the pieces. Then laid one piece on top of each of the two with grease on them. Set them down in the garage in front of the front wheels and drove my car onto the center of the sheet metal. The grease between the two sheets makes a cheep set of wheel alignment turn tables allowing the front wheels to turn and move much more freely. Then you can align the front end and adjust the strut arms without much effort as the two sheets lubed with grease will allow the tire to move with not much effort. Note though that any adjustments to the strut rods alters the caster and the shim thickness behind the upper control arms will need to be adjusted. Hope this helps.
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  6. Helps a ton. Thanks
  7. Good deal.