FRPP 42# injectors (green tops) $160

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by machuginah, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. Like the title says, about 5000 miles on them and in great shape. Asking 160+shipping. PM for pics or email direct at [email protected]
  2. if you still have em ill take em. for sure!
  3. Cash sent.
  4. You sent him cash? Funny thing, I sent him money via paypal for these very same injectors on Friday. He advertised them on the NMRA site as well. I keep getting excuses about how they're on the way and he left the tracking number in the truck that his fiance is driving, etc. Good luck!!!
  5. He also gave me his info in an e-mail and said he could not talk via phone cause he was "on course" for the military. He also said the parts were in Oregon and he was not coming home till July 19th from Fl where he was supposedly doing exercises. It's funny how he "shipped" your injectors. If either of you have problems, e-mail me and I'll send the personal info he sent to me.

    It is possible that the deals will go down just fine. It just seems a little strange with 2 people paying for the same thing.

    [email protected]
  6. Paypal claim filed, I suggest you send me my money back asap or paypal will simply take it from you.
  7. I filed a paypal claim today as well. We'll get our money back.
  8. Just got mine back.
  9. You have *both* been refunded - I had 2 sets for sale (and now still do). I can understand distrust - i'm a new member and all. But i'm not out to rip anyone off.
  10. machuginah. if we do paypal ill take them after all paypal is insurance and there is no reason for me to believe you wont ship them. my email is [email protected]
  11. For the record, he refunded my money as well immediately. The only thing I don't understand is why refund the money when you've told me for two days that you've sent them??? Simply provide me a tracking number as you've been promising!
  12. Enough is enough Levi or whatever your name is. You can't supply me a tracking number because there never was one. If you have two sets of injectors, why didn't your ads specify that? How about you post up a picture of two sets of green top 42 lb. injectors for everyone to see? Cuz you don't even have one set! Everybody listen up, this guy is a scam and a liar. I filed a dispute with Paypal this morning (July 5) and he said he "called" UPS today (July 5) to stop the shipment that he sent on July 3. Guess what? UPS is closed today, his lies continue. You've all been warned, buyer beware. He's posting the same stuff for sale on other websites too. Hey Dawoodman, after reading all these previous posts, why would you want to do business with this guy, he's given three separate people completely different stories?
  13. Zee I gotta admit you may have a point, but id like to give him the benefit of doubt. but with pay pal if its a scam u get your money back and if its legit you get the injectors. I need the injectors and if he is on the up and up i will post it. i was told they will be in the mail tomorrow and I will have a tracking # lets see how this plays out. but thanks for looking out.
  14. Hey Dawoodman, just curious, did you get a tracking number today? I hope you have a better experience than I did. Best of luck brother!
  15. funny you should ask his email is no longer valid and I cant get a hold of him. I guess you guys were right. so no tracking # and no contact info. gave me the run around. i gave him a fed ex acct # so i could track the package but nothing was delivered. pay pal advised me his account was relatively new with some claims against him. when i send an email it tells me that address no longer exists. try sending him something so you see what i mean. if i should magicaly get the injectors i will be the first to appologise but for now I ve opened up a claim. should be getting my money back soon. thanks zee shoulda listened.
  16. this guy burned me for 800.00 for a set of cylinder heads.anyone got more info on him other than his email that don't work anymore.
  17. Below is what he e-mailed me. If he is impersonating military, I think that is illegal. I walked away from the purchase when I could not call him:

    I'm in the Navy (Reserves), and am on course at the moment in Florida, but the parts are back home in Gold Beach, Oregon. I'm nowhere near a phone/computer for most of the day unfortunatly, so i'm best caught by email.

    My home address is

    Levi Goldman
    29229 Ellensburg Ave,
    Highway 101,
    Gold Beach OR.

    My address here (until the 19th)

    LTJG L. Goldman
    C-1 230
    Naval Air Station Pensacola
    190 Radford Blvd.
    Pensacola, FL

    Do let me know if you want the parts as i've got several others interested. I can have the parts shipped next day on payment, as my Fiance is in OR and will take care of getting the stuff to UPS.

    Thank You.

  18. Levi if u read this you will get caught and it aint gonna be pretty...... you dont screw over people in this community and think that we just roll over. I have no info on him or else I would post it and the address he gave u is bogus it does not exist.
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