FRPP 42# injectors (green tops) $160

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by machuginah, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. He sold me heads 2days ago. Then his email went invalid I then seen **** like this last night here and at another forum. last night I filed a claim with paypal.
  2. Hey oliver what other forum was this? this guy is a rat bastard!!! believe in karma A$$4073!!!!!!!
  3. He tried to scam me on the NMRA board. I sent a message to Google since he was using a g-mail account, letting them know he was using the e-mail addy for fraudulent purposes, and asking them if they can use his IP address to track his location and pass it on to the local authorities. No response yet, but I'll let you guys know if I hear of anything. In the meantime, you guys should also alert Google that he tried to scam you as well, maybe it'll heighten the sense of urgency for them to act on all of our behalfs.
  4. this is really gettin crazy now.did everyone send him the same amount 800.00 ? if so you would think paypal would have picked up on multiple ttransactions for the same amount
  5. I sent him 575 and agreed to send him 225 once I recieved the heads. the NMRA forum was where I seen that other people have bought them. I am calling the police tomorrow, my local police station has some technology police thing where they look at virtual crimes, I seen it on police webpage. Paypal says it can take 30 days before the dispute is closed. I need my money back asap. This is total BS. Has everyone filed a claim against him, If you guys want to give me some of your info I could tell the police I have other people that no for a fact this is a scam. We should try doing more then just get are money back a month later.:mad:
  6. I sent $160 and he actually authorized paypal to refund me, but only because he wanted to shut me up and tell everyone that he was a straight up guy. Hey Oliver, PM your e-mail address to me and I'll send you the e-mail string between him and I, so you can have some proof of his scam from my perspective. This has happened to me before and paypal wanted to delay my refund, so i called my credit card company and they immediately removed the charge while they investigated.
  7. oliver pm me your address and i will send you or whoever what i have also.lets not let this scumbag get away with this
  8. i got my money back i tried calling the police they never returned my call.:shrug:
  9. i got my money back from paypal and hope everyone else did.this was a eye opener and i will learn from it.if something don't feel right it ain't
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