FRPP 99-04 GT Blower Kit

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  1. YEa so I was reading a article about the FRPP GT blower. and I cant seem to find any site that sells this kit. I even checked FRPP site and no luck....

    Where can i POSSIBLY get this kit? I am think it is much cheaper than any other blower kit....?
  2. yeah, there was a pretty hot thread going about that blower but the crash put an end to it. Hang out for a while though, someone will see your thread and chime in w/all kinds of good info
  3. just call a place that sells the kit for the 96-98's and tell them you want the pi version. its out and i think its in the 05 frpp catalog, but not on the website yet...downs ford seams to be the cheapest place i've seen so far..@2200 for the blower and 925 for the install a search..we were just talking about this the other day on here...
  4. Tune, Injectors, and Fuel pump is all you need to install it. This was like a 250 page thread lol
  5. I think with the install kit it came out to 3100 or something and it wont produce nearly as much power as a vortech, procharger or kb will for almost the same price.
  6. I was able to search the FRPP site by part number (from the article) and it came up. I don't have it in front of me now or I'd give a link.They listed it for $2,450 if I remember correctly. I have heard there is an install kit also which may run a few hundred.
  7. I think it said 85rwhp in the article.. Something like 6 psi.. KB is like 106 non intercooled at 6 psi.

  8. if thats the case, get the blower for 2200...pick up some used 30#er's and a focus fuel pump...out of the classifieds and go get a nice dyno tune....should be less than 3000 total...not bad for everyday reliability.
  9. that kit is for mustangs up to 1998 not 99 and up. I talked to frpp and they told me they are still working on one for 99 and up. Call them.

  10. the kit is now available, was just an article in mmff..
  11. Yea.....thought the article was really good. Considering most people here already have the mods they listed with maybe the exception of the forged crank, rod & pistons, along with the 70mm throttle body, long tube headers, and they added a smaller blower pulley they put out I believe around 405hp & 417lb-ft of torque at 8.9psi. Maybe it's just me but I don't think that's too bad of a kit.
  12. Yes, but those number are a little deceiving. For example, they used a FAST system with like 23* of timing. A street cat can never handle that much. Plus they had no mass air meter, an electric water pump and a smaller pulley.
    Im thinking an average street car would make about 350 rwhp.
  13. I have the mmff issue and called ford racing and they told me that was a kit for 4.6 2 valve 1998 and older. I even gave them the part number.

    (pn m-6066-m463)

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  14. Centri? Twin Screw?

    Who makes it?
  15. oohsoobad is correct the numbers are very decieving in the article. first of all they used the FAST system, then the a/f is at 13:1 and time is at 23 degrees of timing. the combination of 13:1 a/f and 23 degrees of timing in a motor thats actually in a car would result in a popped 2v. without a load on the motor a much more aggressive tune can be had resulting in inflatted hp numbers. the blower is an eaton M90. 350 is probably around right oohsoobad, if not alittle generous. personally i believe if you dont want to build a new motor, and what a blower just give a little bit more of a power increase then this blower would be perfect for you. with a good tune and 6-8lbs. of boost a motor could run forever i believe. just my 2 cents
  16. could you throw it on an otherwise stock engine( beside fuel pump injectors and tune) and get a smaller pulley so it has about 8-9 psi? would that be safe without all that forged stuff?

  17. how many company's don't have a clue to what other branches are doing..this is ford we are talking about....i bet when you call frpp for a parts question they just forward you to some shmuck who is in a parts warehouse.

    mmff got this blower from somewhere, i don't think they pulled it out of there arse!

    i remember someone saying you can put the parts # into the search on the frpp website and it comes up...haven't tried it yet...

    JUST TRIED IT AND ITS ON THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. tried it didnt work with pn m-6066-m463, then did the search on frpp website with m-6066-m463 and i got it. $2,450.
  19. I wouldn't recommend not having forged internals if your planning on running the 8.9 psi reliably. That's the whole reason they did in the first place.