FRPP 99-04 GT Blower Kit

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Mr GT 02, May 2, 2005.

  1. Here's a list for ya:

    Lower alternator relocation kit
    Upper Alternator relocation mounting bracket (also replaces the PS resevoir bracket)
    Fuel rail crossover line (piece of rubber hose)
    Fuel rails (minimum of 30#'s, i'd recommend 42's)
    Fuel pumps (99+ cars should use a SVT focus pump or better)
    Piece of hose for the IAC since the IAC is in a different location compared to stock
    1 extra Idler pulley.
    Intake, IAC, EGR, TB gaskets.

    Other than that the blower is a direct bolt on.
  2. Now to be more of a pain: Where can I get this stuff, other than the blower? Also, I need new fuel rails, or did you mean to say injectors? It sounds more or less along the idea of putting a blower on the older 87-93s, only with a modern twist. Another guy did custom alternator brackets. Did you find some that were pre-made? Thanks for the info dude! :nice:
  3. Yea i meant to say fuel injectors.. my bad.

    All the brackets i used came from the install kit (my car was a 96). But i installed it on a 04GT PI engine in my 96.

    If you want to save the headache or having things machined and custom fab'd, just buy the install kit for a 96-97 car and trash the computer and pump.