FRPP 99-04 GT Blower Kit

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  1. Huh?
  2. may be someday when I have enough money saved up, they'll finally actually release one for 99+.

    Or may be 3 days after i give up and order Vortech or KB, then there will be a big thread in here goes something like this
    "FRPP Blower for 99+ is now on sale. here is partnumber 12335423"....
  3. sorry man thats not totally true. all things being equal, tuned correctly our motors can run forever on 8psi.
  4. it is for the says 96-98 with pi heads or 99+ with install kit

    part number is a search on frpp website or elsewhere.
  5. In the old thread one guy said he had ordered the kit. He never posted back so I assume it was BS. I believe you need fuel rails, injectors and an alternator mount (and of course a tune). Was the pre-99 alt mount different. If you just need to older style mount it'd be dead easy.

    You can expect somewhere in the 300-320rwhp range.
  6. Someone just needs to go ahead and order this thing. I imagine you are going to be paying around 2700 all said. A grand less than a Mongoose kit, significantly less powerfull, pretty darn safe though with so little boost. Might be nice for guys who dont have a ton of cash handy.

    EDIT: I just contacted John Bleakley Ford parts dept. We'll see what they have to say...
  7. I'd be happy to be the test mule for this.. If everyone can donate some cash and someone can provide the wrench time I'll promise to document everthing here! :D :D :D

  8. what a swell guy you are beav :D
  9. If I were to buy one, Id skip the install kit. As I understand it, 30 lb injectors,a computer and maybe a fuel pump is included for $900. You can get new 42 lb injectors from Steeda for like $300, probably cheaper used. Fuel pumps arent too expensive. Then get a dyno tune and burn a chip specifc tune for your car...
    I also think a shot of methonal would work wonders on this setup.
    This is a nice entry level blower, however there isnt much potenial for more power. It be the perfect blower for my lil sisters auto GT.
  10. I ordered this kit with the install from Downs ford. $2200 + $925 + 20 for shipping. UPS says it will be here Friday :banana:

    I don't think it will help you guys much though, since I have an 01 PI engine with 1996 fuel rails and alternator. I will take detailed pics for you guys though. I am also scheduled for a before and after dyno so at least you will be able to see the numbers that it puts out with a PI engine with most bolt on's.

    modular depot has a thread on this which has the install instructions in PDF if you guys want to take a look at it:
  11. I have the old 96 alternater bolted on to the Pi engine with no problems though the wiring is different, which shouldn't pose a problem for this issue. Top brackets are different though.
  12. Thanks!!! :nice:
  13. Yeah what do you know ? :shrug:


  14. Not available yet as far as I know. Maybe someone can email the dookies at MM and FF to see what they used.
  15. this thread will never die! lol..that mmff article just stoked the fire, i bet this one goes longer then the one before the crash...
  16. YES someone ordered it, although you paid 900 bucks for injectors, pump, and tune :D But thats alright man, you got all the right stuff anyways

    Let us know!
  17. Subscribing for the mere pleasure of entertainment.... :rlaugh:
  18. My email to that Ford Racing dealership didnt get us anywhere new. Heres the reply:

    I`ve tried to climb this tree several times calling around to all the
    folk I could and end up the same place, confused.I`m hoping its not long
    They get the bugs worked out on the install kit.From what I understand
    Eaton superchargers is the ones making it in conjuction with Ford
    racing.Keep an eye on both companies I believe Eaton will release first