FRPP 99-04 GT Blower Kit

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Mr GT 02, May 2, 2005.

  1. I have the 05 parts catalogue - the PI blower is listed.. so i don't know what those guys you speak of are working on.
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  3. the kicker about the mm&ff article was that they said stock block but it had better internals and better compression and they eventually used a samller pully to bump up the hp. now if they had done it on a daily driver doaner car i wouldve been impressed.

    btw wasnt that the tech articel where they used kooks headers? or was that something else.
  4. It is. They tried the FRPP headers and the Kooks.

    Based on the article my impression was that the internals were not necessarily for the FRPP setup but because they new they were going to go a little more extreme in the future.
  5. Hmm. 300 to 350 RWHP. I think this will be an interesting upgrade for the guys that want safe and reliable power for a daily driver, with little to no fuss on the install or don't have countless hours and cash for major dyno tunes/runs. Add a decent exhaust system, and maybe gears, and I think you will end up with a potent street Mustang that's fun to drive without the need for extensive rear end/suspension upgrades to keep it moving in a straight line. A potent strip Mustang it is not, but i don't think that's what this kit is all about.
  6. I wasnt that impressed with the kit. 400 flywheel HP, but electric water pump, FAST tuning, 23* of timing, no accessories, no mass air and long tubes ?? Put this thing in an all stock GT and you'd be lucky to make 320 to the wheels. And thats with a smaller pulley than the kit give you. I know its a good price, but Id buy a used Vortech before I went with the FRPP blower.
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  10. that kit sucks. buy a KB..... they come with 'install kits' its called a fuel pump, chip, and injectors..... your factory Ford warranty can't last forever ya know.
  11. i dont get why people consider anything other than the KB

    once you complete this kit for a 99-04... you'll be the same $$ on a 6psi KB kit

  12. Or the Vortech and Paxton Mongoose kits.

    I'd rather get the Mongoose kits. They are proven. The FRPP blower isn't even intercooled is it?
  13. This thread has nothing to do with the factory warranty since it would be out the door as soon as you slap on any supercharger.

    In my case, since I have a 01 engine in my 96, KB does not make a kit that would work for me(brackets, fuel etc.) as I have talked to them. =( Also, they are listed at $3799 for the 6psi so the frppp blower and kit is still less as my price out the door was $3125. And for my application(autocrossing, road racing, broad torque range and daily driver) I really wanted a roots style blower instead of a centrifugal blower. I'll just have to wait and see what this kit does for me, it should be on by Friday. I'll keep you guys posted.

    as far as this kit "sucking" do you have first hand experience, what are your reasons?
  14. if you want the intercooled KB, be prepared to hand out about $4700... thats alota loot....
  15. Seems a lot, but considering you get the same power curve of a $90K 2005 Viper, that looks cheap then... :hail2:
  16. true. but for those of us who just don't have that much money, its still too expensive..:nonono:
  17. True. "Cheaper than a Viper" still ain't cheap! Hell, the new Z06 is cheaper than a viper isn't it?
  18. Sorry, but a $25K mustang GT with a $5K KB will set you at ~$30K, about half price from a Z06 and 3 times cheaper than a viper....
    Seems awsome cheap to me for a 500HP car :shrug:
    Anyone can find a better deal ???
  19. I understand the cost effectiveness of it, I am just referring to the arguement used to validate it.

    The problem is that many people just don't have the $5k cash to get it done. If I could have had it as a dealer installed option financed with the car it would have been a no brainer.
  20. Well I finally go the supercharger in!! It feels pretty awesome, huge SOTP difference. I haven't really been able to really get on it yet since I want to strap it on the dyno for a tune to make sure it's not running lean or anything else (appt. is next week =(. You can definitely hear the nice supercharger whine when you get on it at high rpms, not too loud though. Torque seemed to be very abundant also. I love how the intake is above the blower, most people can't even tell that there is a blower there =)