FRPP 99-04 GT Blower Kit

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  1. Video Please

    If you have a camera, or can borrow one, or actually buy one from walmart then take it back when your done. Worked for me on my snowboarding trip over the winter. :D Anyways, I'm very interested in this kit. Did you do the install and if so, how was it.
  2. No kidding. If KB was dealer installed option, would make it sooooo easy
  3. Deails details.....Pictures pictures
  4. Keep us posted- Even with all the nay sayers there are plenty of people interested in this kit. I'd love to see some pics too.
  5. Gosh, to the one that installed the FRPP Blower, do you have a 99+ Stang ?
    If so, please give us some info in more detail. :banana:

    Who did the install ?

    How much did it cost overall ?

    Did you get a new ECC with it or you just use your original one ?

    What gear do you have in the differential ?

    Do you have a 5 speed tranny ?

    Would 4.10 be too much if someone tell you that he will never see the track with his stang, just wants to get some good punch on the road


    I wont go for lunch, waiting for your answer !
  6. I have a 96 GT with an 01 Motor so I can't help you too much since your fuel system and alternator is different.

    A mechanic did the install, he only charged me $300. Pretty straight swap, I would have done it myself but didn't have the time. Pretty much like an intake swap with a fuel pump install. The install kit came with a whole new computer but I'm throwing it on the dyno next week to make sure it's all ok.

    I have 3.73 in the rear. I think 4.10s would be too much especially since it is real torquey but that is just my opinion.

    yes 5spd

    I'm off tomorrow so I'll post some pictures tomorrow. It feels like my car is 2000lbs now =)
  7. Looking forward to those pictures! I am also very interested in this kit. I love the torque of a roots blower, and the design is very cool as well. I think it would be a great kit for a daily driver like mine. Good luck on the dyno!!!
  8. Well where are the pics, the dyno, hell, ANYTHING? I dying over here!
  9. Sorry, my dyno tune is scheduled for Thursday. I'll post you some installed pics later tonight to hold you till Thursday. =)
  10. Here are some pics:


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  11. That is a very sweet setup. :nice:

    I just have one question. How will this smog in Kalifornia? I was looking at that setup last year but the catalog said it was not for "California-emissions" vehicles. That really sucked since it looks like a real clean install. If something changed, "..ah gots ta' know". Believe me, there are a lot of people interested in your progress and results. Thanks for all the info.
  12. That's sweet green_fow_six, talk about stealthy
  13. Yeah, I noticed that in the catalog =(. I still have a year and a half so I guess I'll worry about it then. Visually i'm not to worried since the mechanic's brother that installed it owns a smog shop but whether or not it passes the dyno and sniffer tests?? :shrug:
  14. Very nice, thanks for posting those pictures. I can't wait to see what your torque curve looks like!
  15. I like the way it looks. Most people won't even be able to tell you have a supercharger.
  16. i like it, can't wait to see some dyno numbers.
  17. Well, I took it to get dynoed and the damn ford computer from the install kit was way off. It was running WAY TOO LEAN for them to even dyno it so the soonest they can get my car in for a SCT Dyno tune is the end of June. What a sack of crap huh? oh well, good thing I haven't ran it too hard yet. Looks like it will be pretty much sitting until then. At least I got my Hans subframes, Boost and fuel pressure gauges installed.
  18. what brand fuel and boost gauges did you get and how much did you pay for them?
  19. ^ thats the ghettoist-yet-white booty I have ever seen

    I am EXTREMELY interested in this kit :D
  20. auto meter phantoms. Boost is mechanical - $50, Fuel pressure is electric - $189. Looks a hundred times better in place of that 80's looking dash clock =)