FRPP 99-04 GT Blower Kit

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  1. alright,my last 2 questions, how do they look lit up and where did you purchase them?
  2. The stock bulb is green so they match pretty well with my Saleen white face gauges since they also light up green. You can easily change the color with a bulb cover or a different color bulb for a few bucks. I got mine locally here but seems to be a pretty good deal. free shipping above $200. $46.90 for the boost ATM-5701 and $189.85 for the electric fuel pressure ATM-5763

    You can also get the mechanical fuel pressure gauge for around $50 but then you would have to the isolator which is around $100 so that fuel isn't run inside your car
  3. thanks man, i will just go with the electric, it will be well worth it :nice:
  4. Check out this page. I got these comming in the mail. These meters look like autogauge but the fuel pressure gauge (electrical) is under $90. I saw them in a 05 mustang that Classic Design Concepts (CDC) released (the one with the glass roof). :cheers:
    BTW You can change the bulbs in them for some high intesity led's of different colors.
  5. Forget the kit tell me more about the booty....I love that getto booty!
  6. any updates? did you get to the dyno yet? hows the blower feel etc?
  7. i am also interested to know what kinda #'s is being put out with this blower!
  8. Well I got it dyno tuned by APEX motorsports in Santa Clara. I am pretty pleased with the HP numbers but expected more from the torque. The tuner gave me a reliable conservative tune for the crappy California 91 octane gas.
    The base line numbers on the sheet was from my dyno pull before the supercharger but keep in mind that I had pulleys and a Accufab plenum which obviously couldn't be used with the supercharger kit. So with stock pulleys and plenum I would guess it should have been anywhere from 10-15 hp less. That would translate to a 95-100 RWHP bump. :)

    Another thing is before the tune, with the ford racing computer supplied with the kit, torque was at 349 lbs at only 3400 rpm but way too lean at 13.5 vs under 12 now at 330 to 340ish at 4000 - 4500 rpm. I also changed from a catted x to a O/R x which many says robs torque down low so... I think I may come back to get it retuned down low so it isn't as conservative since I can definitely feel a difference =(

    So my question is, what air fuel ratio is acceptable for the 2500 - 4500 range?

    Anyways, let me know what you guys think of the numbers. Numbers aside, the car feels awesome and was definitely worth the upgrade to me. I can always go with a tad smaller pulley, cams etc :D
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  9. thanks, thats the results i was looking for. I want a KB but they won't sell me a kit for my PI swapped car. I just ordered some MPH 2.5 heads and comp262ah's so i think this blower on top of that will get me close to 400 rwhp! Over the winter i'm gonna do forged shortblock and go with a9lb pully.....Thanks for posting the info! there are alot of people who have been waiting for positive #'s.
  10. Awseom numbers for just 6lbs :) ..So I am guessing this will be the cheapest way to get my non PI 96gt blown huh? What would it run someone like me to get the entire kit and install( my be able to get that free but will need a tune) ? Will this be my best bet on a very limited budget? What diff price and power wise would a mongoose or KB offer me in my position?
  11. yup, you are in the same boat with me since you have the pi engine swap, I got the same response from Kenne Bell. I'll probably stick with this setup for a season of autocrossing and HPDE events and then I'll probably upgrade to a smaller pulley(9psi) lightning MAF and maybe bigger injectors if needed. I asked the tech about cams and he thought that it would make it pretty hard to pass smog here in CA so... I think you'll be more than happy with the kit if you decide to get it.
  12. yeah, I thought the numbers were pretty respectable for 6 psi too. =) As far as price, I would think it's about the same price as a vortech kit. Are you keeping your GT non PI? I didn't think they offered a mongoose kit for a 96-98? I definitely needed a tune. The computer included in the kit ran lean as hell so depending on how your car responds, you'll probably need a tune. definitely made the power down low though.
  13. ttt for 04yellowgt :D
  14. Well, I took it to the drag strip at Sears Point Infineon today :banana: It was my first time ever on the dragstrip, I got 4 runs in. It was quite fun. I used my road race 275/40/17 nittos in the rear. let me know what you guys think of my times. BTW, one of the Oakland Raiders, Tyler Brayton was drag racing also, I got to borrow his shoe polish thing to write my dial in time. he was a cool guy. (me = long time big Raiders fan) =)

    1st run
    R/T ... .312
    60' ... 2.226
    330' ... 5.924
    1/8 ... 8.957
    MPH ... 81.94
    1000' ... 11.542
    1/4 ... 13.713
    MPH ... 104.21

    2nd run
    R/T ... .110
    60' ... 2.111
    330' ... 5.806
    1/8 ... 8.869
    MPH ... 79.58
    1000' ... 11.510
    1/4 ... 13.711
    MPH ... 102.95

    3rd run
    R/T ... .090
    60' ... 2.017
    330' ... 5.671
    1/8 ... 8.663
    MPH ... 83.02
    1000' ... 11.227
    1/4 ... 13.376
    MPH ... 105.91

    4th run
    R/T ... .096
    60' ... 1.953
    330' ... 5.623
    1/8 ... 8.629
    MPH ... 82.56
    1000' ... 11.199
    1/4 ... 13.358
    MPH ... 105.39
  15. looks like traction was an issue, get those 60ft times down. So that blower does have some tq :nice: once you get some more seat time and maybe some DR's you'll be in the 12's. Good job, keep practicing. :D
  16. I got in on this discussion a bit late, but here is a link to the blower:


  17. Huh? Go ahead and blow your engine, Trout, those powdered metat rods won't hold up at 9 psi, not for long anyway.
  18. Hey, any chance you can compile a complete list of parts needed to do the swap, like if there were any misc. hoses, gaskets, etc.

  19. If you look earlier in this thread, I posted a pdf link of the instructions for the kit. Also, I took a picture of everything before I installed it. You can check it out here:[email protected]
  20. who has installed one on a 99 and up stang????????