FRPP 99-04 GT Blower Kit

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  1. I stumbled onto this thread and decided to register. I have some information for you guys that I hope helps.

    First, the installation hardward kit is M-9066-M463. Just a tad different P/N from the S/C. The belt is P/N M-8620-S461

    The cheapest I've seen this set up is If you're in the Atlanta area, they are in Lawrenceville, GA. Anyway...

    M-6066-M463 $2,195.00
    M-9066-M463 $ 934.95
    M-8620-S461 $ 29.96

    Total $3,159.91

  2. You missed the whole point of the thread I think. The install kit you listed is for 96-98s with PI heads, not 99 and up GT's. That is the one I got since I have a 96 with an 01 PI motor. Different fuel rails and such for 99 up so it won't work without modification. They still don't make a kit yet for 99 and up as far as I know and probably never will. The belt is included in the install kit also.

    And BTW, when I ordered the kit, I checked with Dugan first and they didn't honor their web prices since the install kit went up to over a grand.:notnice: Downs Ford did though, so I went through them. Though they did later change their price on their install kit to over a grand but not after they sold one for the price they listed. :nice:
  3. my favorite thread.....greenfowsix get the built shortblock yet..
  4. what is the difference between a 96-98 with pi heads and a 99+with pi heads? Isnt all of the stuff on top of the motor the same? the only thing i could see maybe being differnt would be some accessory brackets or something.... if non-pi fuel rails work in pi heads and the in turn work with the blower... shouldnt the pi rails work to? the more i wriet the more confused im getting but it just seems to me like if it works on one pi car it should work on the other..... i dunno though, im not a mechanic.
  5. Heh, this thread will never end. No, no forged block not yet, I just picked up a Ducati Monster a few weeks ago =) so.. I'm shooting for another couple of months. Maybe ported and polished heads and cams also? =)
  6. I cant understand WHY ford wont come out with an install kit for us 99 - 04 4.6 guys..They sold allot of these cars...
  7. I'm willing to bet that the 2V is the little black sheep in Fords mind.Hence why they still don't have much for it,or probably never will :shrug: ,unlike the bigger brother 4V that has a selection of stuff in the racing parts book,and now with the 3V coming into the picture. :Teh-Win: Ford :bang: .
  8. us 99-04, 2V owners got the shaft from FRPP. This is a great example :Damnit: it's such a shame too :(
  9. I called Ford Racing Tech Support and they said they could not make an accepatable accessory drive belt bracket for the 99-04 4.6. WTFcrapola
  10. IS 99+ and pre99 block diffrent? in turm how bracket that fits on pre99 that doesn't work on 99+
  11. Sounds like buying a low boost KB setup is a better idea than messing with this Ford kit for us folks with the 99+ cars, smog legal nation wide and safe for daily drivers....
  12. who cares about Ford, I'm gonna get blown by Kenne Bell!
  13. install kit yet..this thread is over a year old..pathetic....
  14. Ehhh, at that level, ones as good as the other and to be honest, you're likely to make more power with the FRPP blower than you are with the non-intercooled KB.
  15. thats if they ever comeout with install kit....:notnice:
  16. just have to be a little creative. No, it's not completely a "Tab A into Slot B" install on the '99-up GT's, but it's not impossible either. Well worth the little bit of effort when you consider the cost between it and the KB, IMO. :)
  17. Soooooooooo, who installed this, again? Where are the numbers? :D
  18. MM&FF did one about a year ago on a '99-up car if memory serves. There are also a couple of guys over at that did it with head swapped cars. From what I remember it should take little more than swapping over to the pre-99 brackets and some tuning for the return less fuel system to make it happen with a ’99-up Mustang.

    Hell, my AED kit wasn’t made for a PI headed car, but guess what….it is now. :D

    ..........s**t disturber. ;)
  19. So green_fow_six if you have an 01 motor what exactly did the kit all come with and if it fits on your 01 motor why wont it fit on our 99-04 cars? What kind of brackets were used if they are different from our stock ones they should still fit on our cars if they fit on your 01 motor. I have a damn good feeling this kit will work on our 99-04 cars. No one has tried this? I just dont get why it works on your 01 motor but it wont work on ours? I need some more info. If you can get me part numbers of the fuel rails, brackets and any other significant parts that were included with the kit. Hopefully people still pay attention to this thread.
  20. What we need is for someone like MPH to take one of these kits and set it up on a 99-04 stang and than sell it as a kit or at least sell an accessory kit. They could make the correct brackets and such and have a good tune for it and than the customer could either buy the blower from Ford or MPH along with the kit. Hint, hint: MPH, I really belive you could sell a lot of these kits, and I doubt it would take you guys much to figure it out.

    Trust me, if I had some money to throw around I would be the test mule and buy the kit and figure out what is needed and tell everyone how to do it for the 99-04 stangs.