FRPP 99-04 GT Blower Kit

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  1. Why is there so much interest in this blower? Is there something i'm missing? Allen Superchargers have ported eaton m90s in kits for 99-04 stangs if you want a roots blower.
  2. Because its bit cheaper then .. say KB kit
  3. I will break it down for everyone:

    If you want HP in the range of 350 rwhp and are satisfied and don't want anymore power, than here are your options:

    1.) N/A way too expensive to reach the 350 Hp range
    2.) NOS doesn't work for people like me that want the power all the time
    3.) turbo, too expensive
    4.) centri s/c, I want the power down low, I don't race so I don't see the higher rpms needed to get the full potential from a centri blower
    5.) KB 6psi, good kit perfect level, but about 1,000-1500 over ford blower
    6.) Allen s/c 6 psi, another good kit, but it is more expensive than the KB
    7.) Ford s/c 6psi, around $3,000 for everything, assuming the accessory kit for 99-04's is about the same price as the kit for pre 99's, will get you around the 350 rwhp level +/- 20rwhp depending on tune and other mods

    For people like me that don't have tons of money but want some power, but don't need or want more than 350 rwhp, this kit would be perfect. By the way, mine is a daily driver, that is why I don't want but so much power. Hope this explains why so many people are interested in this kit, bascically it is the cheapest and best option for people with limited HP needs.
  4. The FRPP kit comes with the bigger blower unit...not that you can take advantage of the extra volume since its not cooled, and price!!! 3200 compared to 4000 plus for others.
  5. I didn't realize it was a little over a grand cheaper than the allen sc with the eaton. That does explain it guys. Is the kit complete?

    Edit: I just checked the price on the KB. I can't believe it is cheaper than the Allen.
  6. Well that depends, which leads to this long thread. You purchase the blower for PI or non-PI heads and than purchase the install kit seperately. So far they don't have an install kit for 99-04's. People have said that the only things needed to install it on a 99-04 is some different brackets (like alternator), fuel rails, and a tune (at least I think that was all). This is why I said that MPH or at least someone with money and time should help us poor people out and figure out the install kit for 99-04's. Ford has fallen down on the job and they haven't come up with a kit and knowing them, probably never will.
  7. Back in 99 there was a yellow car named Tweety that ran the Eaton setup. Ran most of the major NMRA events. Should be in some of the 99 issues og MM&FF. It ran well when it ran. They seemed to have a lot of issues getting consistancy. I think something was tried that wasn't ready for primetime. That was the first year of the returnless fuel system and such.

    If memory serves me correctly, the install on the PI heads was not a big problem, but you did have to get the intake port matched to the heads for it to give you some reasonable numbers.

    The issue of the install kit dates way back. I know 96-98 guys who bought the darn thing and could not install for long periods of time because Ford did not deliver the kits for months on end. Many people were happy with the kit, but there were quite a few, especially when the PI cars came out in 99 were not happy with the investment. On the 96-98 cars, the rwhp was still on the pathetic side.
  8. Well, I guess I could find someone with pre99GT with NPI head. sweet talk him in to swap his NPI head for my PI head make him pay for the laber. and then i could get FRPP blower kit, and send out my now NPI head for P&P. So that way, I can get blower+pre99 install kit for $3200, send cylinder head out for P&P for like $800~$1000(?), and get bunch of little thing I need to install NPI head in to PI car(doesn anyone even makes kit like that?) for few hundred bucks. So for $4500+ or so, I can have my whip pushing around 350hp.... How much is non polished intercooled 9psi KB kit that can push my car to over 400hp again ????
  9. Major differences are Fuel rail/system (not really sure how it affects the install for 99 up), alternator bracket works for older style alternators(you can pick up a 96-98 style alternator and rig the wiring to work) and a bunch of bolts, brackets and stuff. I took very detailed pics when I first got the kit so knock yourself out!! =)[email protected]

    update: I'm looking to get a new forged block w/cams by the summer hopefully and will be running 9psi with 90mm maf and 42lb injectors and snow performance kit. Can't wait!!
  10. HUH :lol:

    They make a FRPP Blower that matches up to PI Heads. They just don't have the correct install kit to work with the returnless fuel system. So you can get the blower kit for PI heads your just gonna have to fuss with the fuel rails etc. Still would be much cheaper then other positive displacement superchargers.
  11. holy old ass thread! at least someone used the search button...........:D
  12. So the sum of this information for us 99-04 guys is that we can buy the frpp blower kit and the 96-98 install kit and use a 96-98 alternator with modified wiring and that should make it all come together for us? The only thing left is the fuel system, how can we solve this while still being budget minded? Will the PI fuel rails not work work with the blower or whats the issue with the fuel system?
  13. I hate dragging out old threads....but lately I've been following this FRPP Blower very closely. I've got the money to spend, and this thing is perfect for what I want in my daily driver. I plan on stopping by a local mustang shop and seeing if anybody has tackled the install on a 99-03 car...if not, I still might break down and do it....I hard could it be to make it work?
  14. good thread to look in. Lots of pics etc. I think GreenFowSix even posted an in car Camera Video of him on a road coarse if you want to hear the blower whine.
  15. If you get it to work with minimal cost than you will be my hero. I think this is a perfect kit for people looking for more power but not overkill. If you get the kit, start a new thread and keep us posted on the progress.
  16. Ok for those who said the car makes around 320ish that power measured on a stock GT?
    Id like to think if that was the case a full exhaust, bolt-ons, cams, would make maybe 360ish maybe a little more?
    This kit should be pretty safe for a stock engine as long as its tuned good would you think?
  17. Whassup Droptop, I haven't been on here in a while how's your stang doing? Looks like I'm finally getting the forged block in the next couple of weeks. I'm going with an MMR shortblock with stage 2 heads and possible blower cams. I will also be running the 9 lb pulley, lightning MAF, and 42 lb injectors with the Snow Cooler. Can't wait too see what the friggin blower will be putting out with all that stuff. I would hope somewhere in the neighborhood of 370 rwhp or more, I'll just have to wait and see I guess.

    If you guys want to hear the blower whine I posted some vids in but I have all the videos on my myspace page. feel free to look.
  18. I joined the club!!! I picked up one of these blowers cheap last week and I've been piecing together my parts. I bougt the frpp 42lbers,LMAF 90mm, Walbro 255lph high pressure pump etc etc..I'm shopping for a shortblock also. So with some blower cams and mt heads I already have i'm hoping to be in the same area...So your car has been down all this time? that sucks!
  19. Congrats on the purchase droptopponynj I'm sure you'll be pleased with the performance and long term reliability.

    Good luck on that install and update us on your impressions. Again, congrats and glad you pulled the trigger. I've been very satisfied with my results. :nice: