FRPP 99-04 GT Blower Kit

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Mr GT 02, May 2, 2005.

  1. Ordered the 9lb pulley from ASP today :nice: Now I just need to order a new shortblock and start building.
  2. Old thread. How did this install go? Did you do it yourself? Is there a list of parts you need to buy? I have been searching for any information on this blower, looks very cool!
  3. still not installed yet :(
    i am installing myself. It is a very simple install, i'm in the middle of building my block now. Now that i've collected all the parts i need its time to get serious.
  4. ok, i know this is an old thread, i remember reading it when it first started.

    I would SO do this!!!! its perfect for me, more HP but not TOO much more, low psi and i know that it wont blow up becuase im trying to run 8 or more psi on my stock block. plus its cheaper so it would be within my price range!

    I just dont understand the problem. Why wont the fuel system work with the 99+ cars?

    Whats the diff between a return less fuel system and one thats not?

    What is the actual part that is diff?

    from what someone else said, it sounds like you can get all the parts you need for this except this fuel thing...whats the deal?????

    Can someone break it down for me please????? thx
  5. I really like this blower i think for what i want to do this would be the best way extra power but its not gonna be over kill and its done right..Plus the price really isnt all that bad..
  6. Hey....I was all about this blower....came very close to actually purchasing it....but the guys at the local Mustang shop convinced me otherwise....look at it this way: It's a great priced blower and it's a roots type...but the $2000+ price tag doesn't include a lot of needed things. You'd still have to get the fuel pump, injectors, and tune....then you're in the 3000$, you still have to worry about the the brackets & hoses. So for a couple hundred more I got the Mongoose vortech kit

    I still think the FRPP blower looks awesome though...if I had a PI 98 stang it would have been my first choice (3200$ or so is worth it just for the scream)
  7. If Ford ever came out with an install kit for 99 and up 4.6's, I would probaly start saving money to buy the kit. Its a very nice price, and like said injectors and a fuel pump can be bought serperatly at a small price. I also like the fact that its a lower boost kit. I wouldnt hesitate to put it on my Mustang with almost 100k.
  8. hmmm so what would you need for a install on this or whats another blower i can run 6-8 psi on that wont require forged pieces and hood modifications
  9. OK i see people gettting vortech s trim blowers for about 1200 but would you have to do heavy modifications with the s-trim. this frpp roots doesnt seem to need much more the a computer, fuelpump and injectors
  10. the frpp blower/install kit is 100% don't need inj, pump, etc it comes with it. Unless you have other major mods like i do there is no need to upgrade the kit at all.

    And if you guys are thinking you can just buy the blower without the install kit...well your just begging for trouble :) The install kit has all the relocating brackets/hardware/hoses/gaskets etc and is basically a must have unless you are a good mechanic/custom installer-fabricater.
  11. Please show me where I'm able to get a complete S-Trim kit for a '96-'04 Mustang for even twice that and I'll buy 10 of them.
  12. Count me in as well!!:rlaugh:
  13. As far as the returnless system goes.....if you have correct size injectors with the ammount of boost you are pushing and good dyno tune would surfice! I am purschaseing an frpp kit also for my 2002 and the only issuses i see so far is I need 36lb injectors, already have the pump installed......and have the air meter too! Is there a relocation needed for the alternator or does it stay in the same place.....belt, hoses and plugs I can get from the local autozone and I have a level 4 sct tuner right around the corner. I figured about 2500, in parts and 5-6 lbs should put me around 320-330!


  14. Let us 99+ guys know how the install goes... sounds like youve got it worked out.

    Off topic... but I see your in SC, are you coming to Mustang Week?
  15. I will try to make it......I live in Columbia, SC right now and work at FT Jackson......just hope i will be able to get some time off to play! Want to go to NMB on Fri to check out the sceene and hit the strip! We'll see...!

  16. yellow2002GT, so you are going to put the FRP blower on your 02 GT? Soon?

    I'm really interested to see how it works out, i keep hearing that its not possible for the 99+ guys to use this blower becuase ford never came out with the "kit" i just dont understand what we are missing?

    If you are able to do this let us know how! what what parts we need!

  17. This is my first post-I joined just to ask about the install of the kit on the 02 gt-Yellow2002GT -how did it go? The only thing that I could see to cause a problem are the alternator and the fuel system. Any respone would be great.
  18. i still haven't seen anyone install it on a 99-04...only issue i can think of is the fuel rails maybe not fitting. I think it can be done...but someone just needs to be creative.
  19. my friend has a non-pi blower on a 04GT motor and is just using RTV to seal the small hole... we took it all apart and put it back together the other day and its making 420whp w/ just 6psi and stageII blower cams... and thats at the wheels w/ a T-45 and 4.10's in a 96 GTS
  20. he is still using using the 96's fuel system so its a direct replacement...99-04 uses a returnless fuel system and cops so fitment will be different.not impossible though.

    I thought he was selling that blower? no takers?